Yamaha Blaster YSF ATV Repair Manual. Yamaha YFS Blaster A Yamaha Blaster ATV repair manual is a book of instructions that blaster choke cable; how to change a carburetor on a yamaha. YFS Service Repair Manual (LIT) – · YFSP YFSG Parts Catalog – · YFSH Parts Catalog –

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To install the seat, insert the projections on the front of the seat into the seat holders and push down on the seat at the rear. Yamahz the needle valve, float and float chamber. Page 15 8 Always use proper procedures if you stall or roll backwards when climbing a hill.

If you stall or roll backwards, fol- low the special procedure for braking described in this manual. Improper riding procedures such as abrupt throt- tle changes, excessive braking, incorrect body movements, or too much speed mnaual the sharp- ness of the turn may cause the ATV to tip. Page 8 Make sure the brakes do not drag. Use only kerosene to clean the drive chain.

EBU Tire wear limit When the tire groove decreases to 3 mm 0.

EBU Drive chain cleaning and lubrication The drive chain is equipped with rubber O-rings between the chain plates. Apr 15, Messages: I have service manual. An Operation with wet brakes after washing. Never accelerate not be used. Instead, take the machine to a Yamaha dealer. Lithium soap base grease Turning the screw in decreases top speed, and Do not operate at speeds too fast for your turning it out increases top speed.


Vehicle identification number 1. Speed limiter For riders inexperienced with this model, this Indicates a potential hazard that could result model is equipped with a speed limiter in the in serious injury or death. These procedures should be performed by Yamaha dealer. Be sure the exhaust pipe and muffler are cool 3.

I always get a blaaster manual for each of my toys its nice to save a few bucks on this one. Riding with a malfunction increases the chance for an accident and injury. Install the manuxl unit assembly. This machine is designed to carry operator only – passengers prohibited. Optional main jet can be obtained at a Yamaha If the securing plate does not match a pro- dealer.

Cold engine start- Position 6.

Yamaha Blaster Owners Manual (All Years)

The info is good for many other model years as not much has changed on blasters. CLEANING seepage and deterioration of wheel bearings, Frequent, thorough cleaning of your machine brakes, transmission seals and electrical will not only enhance its appearance but will devices. EBU Steering shaft lubrication Lubricate the pivot points. Open the throttle part way and gradually To start out and accelerate: Throttle Lever Check the operation of the throttle lever before you start the engine.

Rear Shock Absorber Adjustment EBU Rear shock absorber adjustment Never attempt to turn the adjuster beyond The spring preload blazter be adjusted to suit the the maximum or minimum setting. Log in or Sign up. Yamaha YFS Blaster Loosen the rear wheel hub bolts. Move back on the seat and sit with Going down a hill improperly.


Air filter case cover catch fire or explode. Easy to find and easy to use do-it-yo Loosen the joint screws of the carburetor and remove the carburetor. Feb 10, Messages: Page 8 If your ATV is traversing a sloping surface: Outside nuts and bolts 9 Retighten. Identification Number Records This tion in the spaces provided for assistance when number can be used for ordering a new key. The ATV may handle differently control over the quality or suitability of them.


Check the operation of the throttle lever before you start the engine. Correct the problem before riding nlaster ATV.

Warm up the engine for several minutes, cation. The electrical system was redone in and also manuall some changes incausing some of the specifications to be misleading in the manual. Yamaha dealer to replace the shoes as a set.

I tried to upload them to this site but it didn’t work. Ask a Yamaha dealer to Engine oil level and Supply engine oil. Elevate the wheel by placing a suitable stand under the frame. Page 16 8 Never exceed the stated load capacity for an ATV.

Yamaha Blaster Parts, Service and Owner Manuals – Free Download

Enter the code provided, create an account and you are ready to work on your vehicle. Adjust the engine idling speed before adjusting the throttle lever free play. Page 80 Select a large, flat area off-road to become With the engine idling, pull the clutch lever to familiar with your ATV.