AIR FORCE INSTRUCTION 6 JUNE Law. ADMINISTRATION OF MILITARY JUSTICE. COMPLIANCE WITH THIS PUBLICATION IS MANDATORY. Supersedes AFI , 3 October Pages: Distribution: F. This instruction implements the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ). and now may be found in AFI , Administration of Military Justice, and AFI ,. Nonjudicial Punishment, respectively. 1. Good order.

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Further, 51-2011 the convening authority has given the PHO the authority to grant delays, the PHO may grant a reasonable delay to allow the GC to comply with the above requirements Disclosure Prior to the Preliminary Hearing.

PO Box Seattle. A failure to object prior to the deposition to the taking of the deposition More information. A copy of the recording will be provided to you following the close of the hearing. I have considered factors including those described in the Discussion to Rule for Courts-Martial b.

United States v. Graham –

Change to para Reporters. Your report and recommendations using the DD FormPreliminary Hearing Officer s Report Decemberwill be submitted within eight days of the conclusion of the preliminary hearing through my SJA in an original and five copies.

If the convening authority who directed the preliminary hearing decides to forward the PHO s report to a superior court-martial convening authority for disposition of the charge sthe convening authority who directed the preliminary hearing prepares a forwarding letter that aci a recommendation for disposition of the charge s. Af Whistleblower Protection References: The PHO has no independent authority to exclude time under R.

These rules for the small claims division for the county court are additions to C.


Discovery in the Superior Court. At a judge alone special court-martial, Appellant was convicted, consistent with his plea, of attempted sexual abuse of a child between 12 and 16 years old, in violation of Article 80, UCMJ, 10 U. Prior to entering a plea, you have the option to view all documents in your case, excluding those documents ordered withheld More information. My SJA will provide any assistance and support 51-021 require for the preliminary hearing.

32 CFR 884.3 – Placing member under restraint pending delivery.

Any civil action exempt from arbitration by action of a presiding judge under ORS Commander s Indorsement with attachments 3. The convening authority may approve a delay of the Article 32 Preliminary Hearing. Legislative Information cannot perform research, provide legal advice, or interpret Maine law. Aif of the Civil Rules Title 3. Time limit on appointments. If GC does not object to the defense-requested civilian witness or the PHO determines the 51201 witness to be relevant, not cumulative, and necessary, GC shall send a written invitation to the civilian witness to provide testimony and, if the individual agrees, the GC shall make arrangements for that witness s testimony.

Compliance afo this Memorandum is mandatory. Ethics and Standards of Conduct. Amend Rules More information.

Prior to referral, the convening authority may delegate the authority to grant a delay to an Article 32 PHO. Specifically, the PHO should tell the accused and his counsel that the hearing or the presented evidence has disclosed that the accused is reasonably suspected of offenses other than the ones charged and identify these offenses to the accused and counsel and then tell all parties that now the preliminary hearing is enlarged to encompass the additional offense.


Upon written request from the victim or the Victim s Counsel VCthe victim will be provided a copy of, or access to, the recording upon completion of the PHO s report.

After the PHO has informed the accused of the accused s rights, and completed preliminary evidentiary hearings, GC will present evidence. The commander will also resolve any dispute among the parties on whether the witness will testify in person, by VTC, by telephone or similar means of remote testimony.

The PHO assumes the military judge s authority to follow procedures in M.

e-CFR data is current as of December 20, : Code of Federal Regulations

A victim s declination to testify at a preliminary hearing pursuant to Article 32 d 3 or declination to submit to pretrial interviews shall not, by themselves, be considered exceptional circumstances. Preliminary Rules Rule 3. General Discovery Provisions a Discovery Methods.

Recommended Chapter Title 51-01 Rule. I have consulted with a judge advocate. If the SJA authorizes a verbatim transcript, then the accused and the victim may request, 51-021 access to, and be provided a copy of the verbatim transcript The Accused.

Do not use a court of inquiry when statute or regulation otherwise provides specific investigative procedures for a matter. You are required to include in your report, at a minimum, a summary of the substance of all testimony.

The following definitions More information.