ISLAM BETWEEN EAST and WEST Alija’Ali Izetbegavic Islam Between East and West ISLAM BETWEEN EAST and WEST ‘Alija’AIi Izetbegovic Third Edition. Islam between East and West by Alija Izetbegovic. Identifier IslamBetweenEastAndWestAlijaIzetbegovic. Identifier-ark ark://t0vq6s It is perhaps not known to many that Alija Izetbegovic, the celebrated Muslim statesman and the President of Bosnia-Herzegovina, is no less gifted as a scholar.

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Among other substances, tears contain lysozyme, an antibacterial substance which protects the eye from in- fections. Original Idealism According to the theory of evolution, the ancestor of the most primitive type of man was the most developed type of animal. The Phenomenon of Art, Chapter 4: Why is there fear among everything living, if man and life are the fruit of mother nature?

Sometimes, a very young and even featherless bird is in front.

On the contrary, if we ignore the religious component, we The Qur’an It is known that a molecule of protein consists of at least four different elements.

We izetbeogvic nothing similar among animals. The book consists of two parts. Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals. Inner insecurity, general distrust and the simple longing for kindness and decency impel men and women to search for spiritual antidotes. In silam, it was 2. Animals play, but they always have some biological need for it such as sexual play, teaching their young ones, and so on.

I was so wrong, I finished reading it this morning. Why did he always express his fear and disappointments through religion?

The difference between these two beings cannot be only in their different stages of development. Do they contain any truth about the great themes they are depicting?

In the same sense, the social order reflects the ideals of religion and ethics while both Christianity and materialism are clearly distinct from Islam because they lack both the principle of balance and the merger of body and soul. Bees are the best exam- ple of a well-organized social life which completely lacks what we usually call humanism: The first tool was a piece of wood or a roughly shaped stone — a fragment of nature. InAndrg George put only one question to biologists, doc- tors, and physicists: In practical life, the situation is dif- ferent.


Atheism accepts science and progress; yet, in its es- sence, it implies the negation of man and by the same token a re- futation of humanism, freedom, and human rights. The power of the strong is a fact, not the law.

Considering the extraordinary circumstances under which this book is published, it is hoped that the reader will pardon these weak- nesses. During the century preceding the Renaissance, a true economic revolution took place in Europe, one which resulted in in- creased production and consumption as well as in a notable increase in population.

Through comparative studies of the basic premises and consequ- ences — social, legal, political, cultural, psychological, and so on — of two ideologies which have defined the destiny of mankind for several of the last centuries, the author reveals the symptoms of the increasingly dramatic perspective of Christianization and atheization of the world.

Analysis of the book: Izetbegovic, Alija, Islam Between East and West

Religion and Revolution Revolution has never been a happening only in the domain of civilization, economy, society, or politics. These views are presented without any pretense to systematiza- abd or completeness: Accordingly, we may con- clude that only the population as a whole has the com- plete knowledge. Not 16 Creation and Evolution enough attention has been devoted to this phenomenon which might contain the answer to some easst questions of human existence. The sick and the uneducated remain in front of the factory door too, while the healthy and educated enter.

He has to choose, to use his freedom, to be good or evil; in one word, to be man.

Islam Between East And West Alija Izetbegovic

By discussing them, our aim is to reach their pure forms, with their ultimate betwsen logical but some- times practically absurd conclusions. In 30 years, the old piston engines will be completely replaced by nuclear-driven boats. It promotes civilization, perhaps, but islan degrades culture. Equality, then, becomes a mere phrase without a base and content and, as such, it will soon retreat, faced with the evident facts of human inequality or with the natural human desire to rule and to obey and thus to be unequal.

The second part is dedicated to Islam or betwefn precisely to one of its aspects — bipolarity. Our reason can by no means find itself in that world of inner or- gans. A com- plete generation grew up in this eest of theoretical sense. A pow- erful intuition would be able to reconstruct out of salah the complete Islam, and out of Islam the universal dualism of the world.


All of us are involved in it, whether as its partak- ers or as its victims. Experiments have shown that within 35 milliseconds after the rays are sent, the snake reacts.

Frankfurth, From Myth to Philosophy, Serbocroatian trans. These facts could easily lead us to conclude that animals have had more favorable changes in their ascent up the evolutionary ladder while primitive man, staring at jzetbegovic sky and entangled in moral ob- ligations, had all the preconditions needed to be trampled under- foot.

: Islam Between East and West (): Alija ‘Ali Izetbegovic: Books

Saturday Review Press, After such an optimistic vision, we might ask ourselves: In this, we may especially take into consideration, all those in which a certain man- ufacturing idea is manifested, whether the animal makes a rough tool or uses an object made by man In the UN report The Situation of the World init was stated that in a developed industrial country the name is not giventhe number of teenagers that the police had to deal with increased from 1 million in to 2.

This gives it the characteristics of a science, and the subjects of science can be something external only. Humanism is not charity, forgiveness, and tolerance, although that is the necessary result of it. The performers are the spectators and vice versa. Specialization affords better and deeper setting of the individual in the social scheme, in the social mechanism. As such, sac- rifice represents a powerful, tangible, and painfully visible border line between the alleged zoological, and the human era.

If we look at it closely, we shall notice two different, equal but indepen- dent tendencies.