Manuals and user guides for Aphex professional audio equipment. , Aural Exciter and Optical Big Bottom, User Manual. , Two Channel Tube Mic and. aural exciter and big bottom. optical. Instruction Manual P/N Revision 2 Released 09/01/ Manufactured by. Aphex Systems Ltd. When we originally modeled the unit, replicating its sound in both insert and aux send/return modes, we realized that each mode had its own unique sound.

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They create, synthesize frequencies that are not actualy present A form of distortion in itself. Compression is a variable function of amplitude that applies variable thresholds and compression ratios, and if the threshold and ratios are not lined up between the compressor and expander, what comes out of the combination is not a neutral in-between. Recording engineers make a lot of decisions on how they process tracks based on alhex convention. Daz Posted Mon 16 Dec 13 6: It works very well in this roll but again if overdone it sounds nasty fast.

Consider, though, that perhaps that perceived speed wasn’t really all that fast, objectively aohex. So, I agree that there should be some compression on the final mix as a matter of practical reality, but in most recordings, tracks are compressed, recompressed, and then compressed again, including the mastering stage.

As I’ve auditioned many piece of gear in an obsessive quest for audio inner peace, I have gravitated toward what I felt were more neutral, more manuql components, but the side effect is that because most recordings lack anything of drama, the presentation follows. The typical way to set the input sensitivity on a tube preamp is to run it hot enough to clip obviously, and then back it off just enough to keep distortion at the higher levels subtle.

I know the peavy smoked them both in a shootout in one of the live sound magazines I was reading.

VIRTUAL DJ SOFTWARE – BBE i Sonic Maximizer vs Aphex Aural Exciter

One size, color, or shape in no way fits all. For vocals and spoken dialog, it can dramatically increase intelligibility. Too often they just get used to boost top and bottom end This can be done with Bass and Treble controls. The Mix level determined whether our effect came out as a dash, sprinkle, spoonful, or downpour. The whole combination lends itself to lots of fiddling for best subjective effect. If they don’t want to use something like the out of purist notions of fidelity, they should start to get the rest of the process right.


More is not always better, and if you misuse it, what you get will sound really BAD. While the dynamic range cost is steep, and in a sense the whole point, the initial experience can be exhilarating.

It’ll bum you out for a week. Owner’s Manual Exciter Owner’s Manual. This was just janual lovely. Sarah McLachlan, Surfacing, “Witness” – Although there’s a fair degree of variation on vocal recording through this album, it’s all quite close in terms of proximity to the microphone, be it buried nanual reverb or right up on you. I owned a very effective tube saturator that sounded absolutely splendid with many recordings, manuual warmth and texture to pretty much anything I threw at it.

This is the very reason the unit is adjustable. Has anyone tried the BBE D82 plugin? It mahual sounded old, it just sounded more freshly pulled from the archive, with more vibrant dust. Add that to the fact that most systems suffer from very limited dynamic range, and it really makes the practical, long-term, non-fatiguing use of a dynamic expander difficult.

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And on mixes, it adds power, presence and sparkle. Lower Harmonics settings sounded flat and relatively dull compared 2204 the optimal position, and if turned it too high, the sound became unnaturally sparkly, like a particular solid-state amplifier that was attempting to sound like a Conrad Mmanual tube amplifier I had listened to some time back- still interesting, but distracting. DJ – In the eternal quest for more volume and more bass, the Aural Exciter delivers, while also addressing the need for brightness and definition without the use of speaker-damaging EQ.

Turn it down, and you’ll get more midrange body. What you choose depends totaly on what you are trying to achieve: Overall, the mamual addictive. Sure, whatever, how could it hurt?

I love the BBE. When I get my remote to control Windows Media Player on a machine with a reasonable sound card, I’ll get you’re the right track names.

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Ben Harper sounds like 24 not only using old equipment, but that they recorded him inside a little box. I’m a full-fledged proponent of the careful use of EQ, but it has limitations. For individual sounds or entire mixes, the Aural Exciter brings out detail, clarity and imaging that elevates your sound without adding level. Unfortunately, that particular article has also been abused in popular high-end rags to advance an esoteric agenda more than a couple times.


While it is a good way to work out your subwoofer, it can REALLY work out your subwoofer, eating up amplifier power, and more significantly, cone excursion, limiting your total playback dynamic range, potentially increasing distortion, and possibly endangering the subwoofer driver itself.

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Unlike most of the manufacturers of tweaks and upgrades available in the high-end consumer market, be they components or accessories, Aphex is entirely honest about the nature of what their product does. I, of course, assumed myself simply more discriminating than zphex average clients, and opted to ignore him, only to realize later that he was right.

I later rebuilt a pair of standard boxes one driver, one cabinet with 3.

Playback on a system with fairly flat, extended frequency response, low distortion, and let alone any kind of soundstage, is rarely the case. The manual suggests higher harmonics apgex instruments and lower harmonics for vocals. Adding EQ to boost selected apjex typically results in a perceived loss of other frequencies, which are then also boosted to compensate.

Barry’s only reaction was gracious and good humored about that whole mess outwardly, in his own way. Despite having worked myself into a rather upset state with the precariousness of a product that has the potential to render a listener dependent on a constant fix of one more box, in my incredulousness at standards of the music recoding industry in general, I can mnaual demonstrate my opinion that the processes offered by the Aphex are of undeniable benefit to the recreational listener.

Units like the Peavy and BBE do not do the same thing.

I can look up any artist or album name via my remote, but since I entered all the information manually on a spread sheet, laziness prevented me from including the more numerous individual track names. Used properly, it’s no mere boom boom, tizz tizz widget. That is, the signal is split, and one half passes through to the output unfettered, making the purists in us feel good, and the other half goes to the processing leg, to be mixed back into the original signal as desired.

You can still do that, if you want, but I think turning a knob or two, though still inferior to a full RS interface and command set, is an easier option.