Our 33 Litre Front Loading Benchtop Autoclave, available in Classic and Autofill versions, is ideal for laboratory research and is low in water. Have a question about Autoclaves, Sterilizers or Steam Generators? Our FAQ page has the answers. All the machines are supplied with a user manual but sometimes it is not consulted! Astell offer training to operators, and this is a service I recommend to ensure.

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Holdwarm may be set on or off within the program profile. The Supervisor option has the advantage that the Program settings are unaffected. How many programs can be set on the controller? Learn more about each of these by viewing the pages below or clicking the View Product Options button:. If the key operation produces a BEEP noise, then the keypress has been detected and it is not necessary to keep pressing.

Essentially asfell means any change made to a cycle, option, or device parameter will require an electronic user signature.

At the end of the printed output normal control returns.

See manual part No. Software and connector leads are provided for use aitoclave the host PC computer. When cooled the chamber may be safely opened.

To find out more about service and maintenance of your autoclave visit the Service Contracts page or Contact us. It is the equivalent to the graduations on a calibrated dial and allows the reproduction of calibration settings.


When the Temperature falls more than 2. How quickly after calling Astell for help can I astelll a visit from a Service Engineer? A cycle report print-out includes provision for operator signatures.

A dry discard cycle is intended for the sterilization of waste loads that contain little or no liquid. If screwed-up fragments remain it will be necessary to open the controller case to gain better access to clear the printer.

Fit the roller into the clips. Water Solenoid Valve Feeds water to chamber. No, once the autoclave is opened the holdwarm system ceases to operate. By gradually reducing the boost as the load gets nearer to the desired temperatureit does not appreciably overshoot the desired setting. When set to OFF the Data is sent to the serial output only during the stages of a running program cycle.

Essentially this means any change made to a cycle, option, or autoclace parameter will require an electronic user signature.

The Astell 120 – 344 Litre Front Loading Autoclave Range

Solenoid valve 3-way valve one port sealed Air Break to release chamber residual pressure. The temperature then falls naturally back until the temperature control system takes over control when the temp falls below the set sterilizing temperature, and will sutoclave it at that point through the sterilize stage. Set up manal Sterilizer with no load, and close the cover. Customers also need to ensure the water manul use is of the required quality; hard water can cause scale problems which will reduce the life of the heaters — so a water softener is recommended in such cases.


The Science of Prosthetic Dentistry Prosthetic dentistry has been with us for years; from bamboo pegs to ivory, precious metals and porcelain After the sterilizing stage is complete, water in the bottom of the chamber is expelled and then a post vacuum takes place, removing any remaining steam from the chamber and cooling the load.

Frequently Asked Questions | Astell UK

During this period the Timing functions continue to run and the Temperature Control system will operate as normally but TIMES will not be visible to the operator until the Calibrate Manuwl has been left. Use only if you are totally sure that you wish to reset program settings. Open MXN iss ed. When the load reaches 1. Heating to C The cycle begins with a pre vacuum, reducing the chamber pressure and removing the majority of air.

Do you supply autoclave spare parts separately?

The existing Title autoclavee shown on the top line, and each Character of the title is selected in turn and shown in the bottom right – hand corner of the display. Press it again and Recorder power will turn off, and so on. Yes, this is possible with most models.

AMB – Ecofill 63 litres Model: