For use with Avery Large Tent Cards #This text will be perforated off; no need to delete it from the file. Avery Large Tent Cards Compatible Template. name badges and nametags software. The Avery option enables you to create tent cards, printed on a standard- size sheet of paper. Once you’ve selected the label, you can enter your text.

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Results 1 to 8 of 8. Printing tent labels with Word Does anyone know of a way to flip text upside down to print on a tent label? I’m using an Avery label, zvery they want you to use the Avery Design Online feature, but I would prefer to do it in Word.

I just need to flip the text upside down so you can read both sides when folded. I did search templatw forum, and found reference to a thread called Tent XP or something like that, but the link doesn’t work. I need to figure this out by tomorrow, so if anyone has any ideas other than running the label through the printer twice, please let me know.


I am attaching the template I’m using.

It is Averydownloaded from Avery. If the text is going to be identical both sides – say a person’s name, then that would be quite easy. You add the name templatee once centred in the bottom half of the label. Put the page back into the printer the other way round but same way up and print again.

If the other side is different, then print one way again, change the text and print the other way.

There are some sophisticated ways to flip the text, but they all have drawbacks and just ain’t worth the effort. Originally Posted by Caniac.

Also, shouldn’t this still work on a 3W x1H label? Originally Posted by bbrown5. Create a one-row, two column table.

Avery Wizard to be retired – Word

temlpate In the left cell, type in the name and rotate the text to go up. In the right cell, type in the name and rotate the text to go down. If you have a lot of tents to do. Another method is to create two text boxes side by side. Place text in each one. The tent card centre fold is then vertically between the two text boxes. This is probably too late but. Put your text or whatever in a text box and rotate it.


Printing tent labels with Word | Windows Secrets Lounge

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