Description of the project: Drawing upon Dutch architectural heritage, West 8’s plan for Borneo Sporenburg was inspired by villages on the. Average density: dwellings per hectare (the dwellings in the three large housing blocks bring up the average density) Number of dwellings: fo. A total of dwellings have been built on the two former harbour peninsulas Borneo and Sporenburg. The area was covered with a carpet of.

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In principle, only three floors were possible within the 9. West 8 successfully created a framework for high density living that satisfies all the demands of an ordinary sporenbrug. The idea was to drive daylight deep into the volumes of the houses, making smallish spaces appear larger and taking advantage of the water views, while maintaining privacy.

Borneo Sporenburg | West8 | Amsterdam

Those codes also specified that dwellings should be designed by a diversity of architects. As this is a private home it is not open to visits. The masterplan set strict but imaginative rules for the development, including guidelines for streetscape, parking, private open space, and storey height and plot width. All private outside sporenburf as well as parking places are to be found within the plot.

Posted by dimitris at The low-rise housing structures are arranged into strict branded blocks which are sub-divided into individual plots, each containing spogenburg inside void that comprises 30 to 50 percent of the plot.


At the scale of the area as a whole, a delicately balanced relationship exists between the repetition of the individual dwellings, the roofscape and the great scale of the docks.

Description of the project: However, after the first units which were built, developers petitioned the city to limit the choices to only the six most popular unit types. As a conclusion this experience of the Borneo Sporenburg project has had a significant impact on Dutch urban planning future. They were committed to creating unique structures within a unified whole. Both Borneo projects are published in the El Croquis monograph nr.

Further to the initial thoughts on the design, West 8 wanted to have around sporenbutg dozen architects design the most of the housing. Buildings and Public space: They offer occupants a spectacular view, and conversely, are landmarks visible from a distance. The 60 terraced houses on Borneo refer of course to the Amsterdam Canal houses.

Borneo-Sporenburg Amsterdam | West 8 | Archello

The remaining irregular space houses the kitchen-diner, sitting room and study, all spatially connected to one another. Streets are also well overlooked, due to the street frontage of the buildings, helping to make public spaces feel safe.

In order to insure this, West 8 set design codes, a range of criteria, upon which access, parking, private open space, storey height, plot width and building materials would be designed. The apartment blocks in Borneo Sporenburg contain collective open spaces in the forms of courtyards or internal gardens. Problems, Issues and Thoughts: The Borneo Sporenburg area east of Amsterdam City is a former harbour area.


Borneo-Sporenburg Amsterdam was the most compact new bornep district in The Netherlands of the 90’s. E, is described as: There is however less variety in the streetscape than West 8 hoped to achieve. A range of car parking treatments are used in Borneo Sporenburg: Want to see more like this? The development of Borneo Sporenburg was a complicated and difficult process.

Those dwellings have also a front door onto the street creating a street frontage and its own, exterior space. Tuesday, 12 May Drawing upon Dutch ar Drawing upon Dutch architectural heritage, West 8’s plan for Borneo Sporenburg was inspired by villages on the former Zuiderzee, where small, intimate houses descend towards the water.

The elastic quality of the building generates a wide variety of dwelling types. The area of Borneo Sporenburg is well worth a visit for its architectural diversity. A series of rooms have been created differing in height and degree of privacy.

Please respect the privacy of the inhabitants and refrain from disturbance.