The Bosch GLL ° Three-Plane Leveling and Alignment-Line Laser generates three .. GLL Owners Operating Instructions Manual A3PW. Manuals and User Guides for Bosch GLL P. We have 4 Bosch GLL P manuals available for free PDF download: Original Instructions Manual. Following pdf manuals are available: Bosch GLL P Professional Multi Line Laser Information Guide, User Manual.

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For long distance up to feet applications, the GLL can be used in pulse-laser receiver mode in conjunction with the optional LR2 laser receiver with bracket. The loud audio signal can cause hearing da m age. The stand-alone BS comes with the BS and instruction manual.

By reducing the number of moving parts, Bosch is able to produce a laser layout tool that is more compact, lighter, easier to calibrate and simpler to use than a traditional rotary laser. All operating m odes can be selected both with and without. The m easuring tool has several operating m odes between. After switching on, the m easuring tool generates a horizontal. The BS features collapsible legs and weighs a total of two pounds for easy storage and transportation. I mm ediately after switching on, the m easuring.

The boech low indicator 2 continuously flashes red.

Swivel, adjust and tighten the steady adjustable aiming base for steady measurement applications. In pulse function, the laser lines flash at very high frequency. A secure transport lock protects the pendulum when the unit is switched off.


The easy-to-grip rubber housing further protects the GLL from jobsite drops and abuse. When storing for ex. Alkali- m anganese batteries are reco mm ended for the m eas.

Bosch Power Tools 1 L95 When the GLL is paired with the new BS compact tripod, workers can easily adjust the height of the tool with fine adjustment capability to ensure greater accuracy and quick set up. Because the GLL projects in three axis planes simultaneously and the tool can be quickly switched between triple axis plane, vertical-only boshc horizontal-only modes, the user can complete an entire room from a single setup point.

Bosch GLL 3-80 P Professional

When switching of f, the levelling unit is. In case of extre m e te m peratures or variations in te m pera. To deactivate the auto m atic shut-off, keep the operating. To activate the auto m atic shut-off, switch the m easuring tool. When the pulse function is swit ched on, the visibility of the. As an exa m ple, do. When the batteries beco m e weak, a single 5 s audio signal will. Unlike traditional cross line lasers, the GLL allows the operator to position the unit over one reference mark and provide two, degree layout lines from one setup point.

The audio signal activation and deactivation are both con. When exceeding the m axi m u m per m itted operating te m pera. If the batteries are weak when switching on the m easuring.


The BS has a detachable mounting base that eases laser mounting. Deactivation of the auto m atic shut-off is. The m easuring tool can be oper ated for less then 2 h.

When inserting, pay attention to the correct polarity accord. Tell us what’s missing. It extends to 58 inches with a reliable quick clamping system. Or point us to the URL where the manual g,l3-80 located. Built on Experience IT Publisher.

Don’t see a manual you are gll-380 for? After cooling down, the m easuring tool is ready. To switch on the pulse function, press button 3. In case of large varia.

Bosch GLL | eBay

After the m easuring tool has been switched on, the audio sig. Your manual failed to upload The GLL has the potential to replace up to four lasers – a 6-point, tile, cross-line and rotary laser depending on distance required – for the majority of level, align, plumb and square applications. To change the operating m ode, press the operat. Always replace all batteries at the sa m e ti m e. When no button on the m easuring tool is pressed for approx.

Single-button operation and a compact design make setup, operation and storage simple, regardless of application. Tell us about it.