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The ching jong balance dummy is the most well known of all the choy lee fut wooden dummies. A balance between yin and yang, soft and hard, slow and fast is essential for good kung-fu.

The wooden jongs are an inherent part of the Choy Lee Fut training system. While strapped to these heavy bags the student must move — changing between horses and kicking the side bags as well as the large centre bag. The dummy is designed to train a tefhniques of speed, accuracy and power.

This applies to the ankle when kicking as well.

Choy Lee Fut Wooden Dummies

Sar Bow Jong The sar bow jong is a heavy, top hung swinging bag that requires strong energy to move. Choy Lee Fut jongs are divided into three levels of training, each level more advanced then the last.

They had the space required for installing the various jongs in their home. Since few knew about the techniques in the first place those who practiced the dummy movements did so on their own. It is now difficult to differentiate the techniques that were devised by Chan Heung and those that were created by teachers of later generations. Unique to this dummy is the heavy spring-loaded horizontal log shaped in the form of a horse.


Rubbing Chinese medicine dit da jow on the forearms hardens the bones and muscles. The arms are coordinated so that striking the swinging arm causes the rotation of the helicopter arm, which is located at head height so the student must avoid or block this arm or receive a blow to the head.

This has introduced to the world knowledge previously kept within the Chan family. The Choy Lee Fut system has 18 different dummy sets.

Dummies | Choy Lee Fut Pennant Hills

Strong internal energy and muscles are used to generate power in every move. The passage of time has resulted in many derivative new techniques being added onto the original tecjniques passed down by Chan Heung, the founder.

Jong training originated in the Shaolin temple. It is not an easy task to send a heavy sandbag flying or to smash a solid piece of timber with a heavy weight attached swing from end-to-end like a yo-yo.

Dmumy Jong The ching jong balance dummy is the most well known of all the choy lee fut wooden dummies. The practitioner must also used his Qi with the moves to harness the power to move the weights. This is especially true in the case of the wooden dummies known as jongs in Cantonese. The sui sau jong breaking hand dummy is another of the Choy Lee Fut primary-level dummies.


Full-force strikes can be used against the dummy, which cannot be done when training with a live partner. The distinguishing feature of the ching jong is the large moveable arm at the top that can be used to practice the well-known swinging punches of Choy Lee Fut, such as the sow chui and dat chui, along with grappling techniques.

France Germany Poland Italy. These planes are the head level, waist level and lower foot level.

The jongs will give you all this and more. Shou Yi Activities in: These arms fuut.wooden in such a way that requires quick reactions from the student, alternating between striking and blocking as the dummy counterattacks. This ranges from wooden dummies, sand bag dummies and even weapon dummies.

It has three arms and a leg protruding from the front.

The sar fut.woodne jong is a heavy, top hung swinging bag that requires strong energy to move. The sand and the swing of the bag absorb full-power strikes to the sandbag.

The use of two interlocking spinning arms also requires a quick eye, together with fast and accurate hands to hit the targets between the rotations of the arms.