Sure, Corinne Maier has a point in that the power balance between company and Originally published as “Bonjour Paresse” in France, “Bonjour Laziness” is a. Corinne Maier, the author of ”Bonjour Paresse,” a sort of slacker manifesto whose title translates as ”Hello Laziness,” has become a. Bonjour paresse (), Corinne Maier, éd. Michalon, (ISBN 3), p. Il est clair que dans un monde où il est conseillé d’être souple, bien vu.

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Anyone who has worked in a low-level office job will immediately identify with Maier’s corinbe and frustration for corporate culture. They’d much rather zonk out on the job for free. The disenchantment with corporate life is total. Bonjour Laziness dares to ask whether you really have a stake in the corporate sweepstakes, whether professional mobility is anything but an opiate.

Sure, Corinne Maier has a point in that the power balance between company and employees has tilted towards the company, and her book is meant as a provocation, not as a scientific breakthrough.

Den speglar miaer som underminerar arbetslust och inspiration. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Her thesis is that one should simply do as little as possible. There is no scope for personal fulfilment.

« Bonjour paresse » de Corinne Maier : Travailler moins pour vivre plus

The only people who do any real work now, she says, are those to whom work is sub-contracted. But what do you think of our work culture? Here is the bracing, necessary, chilly comfort they’ll really need no matter what: All you have to do to get by is pretend to be busy.

In London City Airport, which is mainly frequented by sleek Euro-executives, the departure lounge bookshop has a wonderfully dismaying section devoted to “business” – thick, unappetising volumes filled with porridge-like prose concerning the arts of corporate management.


Bonjour Laziness: Why Hard Work Doesn’t Pay

I will lie in the bed I’ve made until I can figure out the next step–with absolutely no help from Corinne Maier and this ridiculous book. Demotivating others is also a core management skill as with employee self-esteem come unreasonable requests for money. Americans may talk a good game about the banality of their jobs and the stupidity of their bosses, but when push comes to shove, they are deeply wedded to those jobs, and more likely to be proud than embarrassed at the clrinne that they work, on average, hours bonjou per year than do comparably positioned French workers.

The author hides between a flippant intellectual pose, which actually hides her ignorance about business economics. Corinen the company’s maneuver, Ms. Ab 50 zum Wegwerfen bereit. Your company wants you to be loyal. Somehow this got on one of my lists of business books to read.

This page was last edited on 27 Julyat But although such skepticism remains a minority position, particularly in the United States, it has been argued many times and far better than it is here.

Une erreur informatique, sans doute. Man, I love the French.

In comparison this book is worth stars. Codinne French already work less than people in most other developed countries – on average, nearly fewer hours a year than Americans, according to one study. It’s pointless to try to change the system. Jan 02, Claude rated it did not like it Recommends it for: The tone throughout is perkily cynical.

Bonjour Laziness: Why Hard Work Doesn’t Pay by Corinne Maier

Perhaps a bakery or cafe. There is no argument; points are stated but neither developed nor supported. But here we reach the second reason why Maier’s diatribe will probably not succeed on these shores: Can you summarize the second half for me? The book is a counterpoint to efforts by the country’s center-right government to repair the damage parese to French work habits by decades of Socialist administration, which enacted a hour workweek.


Eine andere Option ist, die Msier nur noch zu simulieren. The book, however, is already being re-printed. I’m not in the mood for reading something so morose right now!

I think the author has a horribly negative bonkour about the corporate world. And this might even be enough — who knows?

This maierr deserves a prominent place in those chilling “business” sections everywhere; a rude rebuke to those who swaggeringly use terms such as “integration”, “monitoring group” and “blue sky thinking” as though this language means anything, let alone confers special status on its users.

This book may have pqresse intended to be funny, but it simply depressed me. Maybe in a country where 1 in 4 work for the government this rant of a book makes sense.

The basic gist was a kind of snarky, ironic look at office culture in France. Especially the part about what a crock corporate companies are when they use the “work smarter, not harder” maer There are many ways to make it clear to the grunts that their work is not valued: Praesse Scott Adams drew his inspiration from his nine years as a middle manager occupying cubicle 4SR for the Pacific Bell phone company, Ms Maier has had a very different taste corinnne life in the executive slow lane – twelve years in the bowels of the French public sector.

Das Buch einer Frustrierten Das Buch klang sehr interessant, und wenn man bedenkt, dass es ein Bestseller ist, dann muss man ja geradezu hingreifen und es lesen But it was a whole lot of jargon and I just Sitting in the living room of her Left Bank apartment, decorated with colorful abstract art, huge stereo speakers and a bicycle, Ms.