CthulhuTech is a roleplaying game developed by WildFire LLC and published by Catalyst Game Labs (formerly published by Mongoose. Well folks, it’s been a long time coming. Welcome to the Cthulhutech review. For another exploration of the book and discussions of its quality. Enter a world rich and strange – even the cover art suggests this even before you read a word! But it’s stranger – and scarier – that you might.

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Comments deemed abusive may be removed by moderators. Battletech if you’re looking for a tabletop wargame rather than an RPG system. Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help.

Basically Furries and Otherkin plus several tons of Grimdark up the wazoo – or, if you’re at all familiar with anime, basically an entire PC race made out Guyvers.

For example, the level of devotion and training required to become a Mecha Pilot is explained in its Profession template.

CthulhuTech – 1d4chan

This is the Aeon War. Due to the Aeon War, the political layout of the world has changed greatly. This page cthulhutecj last modified on 26 Mayat Its researchers determined that by using it they could transform a human into a Tager, a being of great power that does not suffer the madness of the lesser Dhohanoids.

Io9 featured a short review of Vade Mecum, the CthulhuTech companion book. You’re condemning the game that says “rape is bad” for saying rape. Cthulhutceh can be opposed with Tenacity rolls as well. Cthulhutec mentioned before, about 0. CthulhuTech has received varying degrees of acknowledgment. Your task is to cooperatively improve your Enclave, push your personal agenda, and pilot your Mechs into battle against threats both human and otherwise.


It’s a bit of an unbalanced mess, but if your players are familiar with struggling against overpowered cthulhutecy and losing sanity quickly I’d say it’s okay. Players take on the role of Investigators into the unknown, who have travelled up into the nearby mountains to a remote mansion said to hold a terrible secret.

Eleven years after Teresa Ashcroft began her research, the first arcanotech-powered D-Engine went public. Please discuss this issue on the article’s talk page.

Want to add to the discussion? Little do they know that some of those Cultists are hidden among them. I read all the books, and I’m not sure I could run the system as written even before you get into how messed up the setting is. My players back in the day wanted to try it as a joke.

A few Mythos elements have been extrapolated into a futuristic setting, such as monstrous Ghouls and Byakheethe alien Mi-Goas well as Lovecraftian deities such as Cthulhu and Hastur. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts.

Submit a new text post. Players have another, separate pool of points used to buy skills such as “Marksman” or “Persuade” in five degrees of competency. Please read the layout guide and lead section guidelines to ensure the section will still be inclusive of all essential details.

CthulhuTech was a finalist for the 34th Origins Awards[5] an award for particular aspects of the traditional gaming industry.


Nyaruko-san — Neonomicon Providence — Ads by Project Wonderful! Female characters are also automatically impregnated, which is a terminal condition.

Cthulhutech – Dystopian Horror Roleplaying in the Strange Aeon

Just don’t yuck on my yum. I think it’s probably kind of an acquired taste though, because one of my friends played for 6 months before he figured out the rolls. Worse yet, there are those among them who have fallen prey to the worship of the dark gods they once sought to stop.

After the defection of the Nazzadi, the Migou throw a hissy fit decided to wage their war themselves. Privacy policy About 1d4chan Disclaimers Mobile view. Your ad here, right now: I played in a game at gencon and thought it was pretty fun.

Submit a new link. I’ve read the entire text of the first version. A 2-page Character Sheet for Cthulhutech Category: The only bit of the lore I really didn’t like was the way they got rid of the dreamlands. This was followed by Mongoose Publishing a relationship which ended amicably and Catalyst Game Labswhich ended in April due primarily to non-payment of royalties.

It’s a game played among friends. Putting all of their race to rrpg fuckhuge ship the size of the Moon, they landed on Earth en masse.