Stephen King – De Beproeving – Ebook download as ePub .epub), Text File .txt) or read book online. De Beproeving Stephen King Epub Download -> 8b5fd De beproeving (Dutch Edition) – Kindle edition by Stephen King, Theo Horsten, Jacques Meerman, Paul Zickhardt, Hans Lepel. Download it once and read it on .

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Return to Book Page. Preview — De Beproeving by Stephen King. Het stof vormde een nauwelijks doorzichtige waas dat het stadje Arnette het aanzien van een spookstad gaf: In de hoofdstraat lagen soldaten en honden naast elkaar in de goot: Zelfs de zon liet Arnette in de steek en het stadje verduisterde onder de vleugels van de nacht De Grote Plaag is voorbij.

Het land blijft vrijwel ontvolkt achter. De schaarse o Het stof vormde een nauwelijks doorzichtige waas dat het stadje Arnette het aanzien van een spookstad gaf: De schaarse overlevenden halen even opgelucht adem; maar niet voor lang. Niemand kon de beproeving voorzien die eenieder dwingt een keuze te maken tussen voor of tegen, tussen goed of kwaad. In een meedogenloze strijd die het verloop van de toekomst voorgoed zal bepalen staan twee machten verbeten tegenover elkaar.

Flagg, de man zonder gezicht, vertegenwoordigt het Kwade. Overal waar hij gaat zaait hij angst, verraad en bedrog. Onder zijn schrikbewind lijkt vrijheid een betekenisloos begrip te worden. Moeder Abigail staat voor het Goede.

Haar aanhangers vestigen hun laatste desperate hoop op haar ondoorgrondelijke aspecten. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about De Beproevingplease sign up. I’m a big SK fan but have yet to read The Stand! It’s next up on my list. With that said, should I read the original version or the updated and uncut version??

Andrew Horton The uncut is unbelievably bloated; it’s probably the single greatest argument for a good editor in publishing history. This is an article about The Stad and I invite anybody who would like to discuss the book and its eerie similarities to the Ebola outbreak.

Hythlodaeus I was at a conference with the CDC in Atlanta recently and there definitely kig some similarities – chilling. See all 66 questions about De Beproeving…. Ve with This Book. Stephdn book is not yet featured on Listopia. Want to catch the flu? I caught it twice in the month it took me to read this book. I’m rarely sick so it’s clearly a thing. Post-apocalyptic book where most people die from a super flu. That part was my favorite.


It then becomes a battle between Good and Evil. Some fantasy elements were included. This part was still solid. I liked how we got to follow the characters and get to know them. I felt some similarities to Station Eleven so if you like The Stand I would give this one a shot too!

De beproeving – Annelies van Dijk, Stephen King • BookLikes (ISBN)

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Humanity in general loves to play god trying to meddle in some very dangerous things. Military is not an exception as they are obsessed with creating more effective and devastating weapons.

Considering the progress from a simple stone to an atomic bomb we became quite efficient d killing others en masse. Suppose we create a new virus which would make HIV look like a common flu. Great, now we can let it loose, wait and have all the enemy infrastructure intact with all the people gone. The proble Humanity in general loves to play god trying to meddle in some xtephen dangerous kng. The problem is virus does not care much about taking sides in a conflict. So such a virus was created paid for by US taxpayers and was accidentally released.

The said taxpayers were practically beprosving out with some rare exceptions that were immune to it. It seems to be practically a Utopia, but the people decided it would probably be boring so they split into two camps trying to wipe out each other. To be fair one of the group only wanted to eradicate the other in self-defense. The book is the story of how the disaster came to be and the story of these two groups. Before I begin rambling about the book I seriously need to get something of my chest.

Other people call this phenomenon Typewriter Diarrhea, but I think my term is more general. I had a misfortune to read an unabridged edition of this. I lost count to the number of scenes that could be cut off without any impact on the remaining part. Just as an example: How did it affect the rest of the story? Do not get me wrong, King is a talented writer, but exercising some brevity in writing would improve the quality even further. As it stands now I did not go outside with a physical copy of the book being afraid I would be arrested for carrying as assault weapon.

The book is clearly split in three parts: The first part was quite boring until the infection became widespread.

I was not excited to read about day-to-day lives of the people that are about to die. To add an insult to the injury the people that were destined to survive were either jerks, or plain boring.


Yes, I said it: What would you rather read about: If you answer “the former” you are lying. As you can see nice people have no chance of survival whatsoever; we are left with jerks.

In fact let me introduce Stephen King’s apocalypse survival rule 1: Here comes another problem: I did not care about jerks that much. This left me exactly one person to root for; that person had the least screen time.

Take Fran I mentioned above: This boredom continued until the military began a serious cover-up campaign. Military cover-up methods are taken straight from the Mafia books: This action brought much-needed well Here we finally get to the heroics and cowardliness of ordinary people.

And then everybody died. I guess this part was OK, but I still have some things to say. Here King uses only black and white for characters with no gray shades: I was also appalled by how quickly the self-appointed leaders decided their own lives are sacred and irreplaceable, but they are perfectly fine with throwing away lives of people around them.

After all, they are good guys and as such Can Do No Wrong. Imagine how many wars we could prevent if only we would let the people that declare them to lead the first attack.

We already established the good guys are boring.

The Stand: Soul Survivors

It turns out they are also stupid as several people were practically wearing signs saying, “I am a traitor” and it did not bother anybody. No wonder the bad side managed to get more intelligent people – who wants to spend their time with stupid? Finally things start moving alone. Probably the fastest-moving part all the way until last two chapters which were loooooong and felt like a complete filler.

Every single plot thread was resolved at this point, so why the kinf The very end came in opposition of everything that was said before.

Not a single human being in the book bothered with creating new things. Supplies would run out, sooner or later. Does it mean another resource war is coming?

By this time I read quite a few King’s books and as a result I noticed some things I think worth mentioning.