Buy Used and Save: Buy a Used “EnGenius DuraFon 1X Handset (DURAFON1X -HC) Includi ” and save 43% off the $ list price. Buy with confidence as. The EnGenius DuraFon 1X system delivers immediate workplace and large property mobility. The DuraFon 1X delivers unmatched wireless coverage with easy. With long range coverage, the DURAFON 1X Single Line Industrial Cordless Phone System from EnGenius offers a communication solution for real world.

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Call a Specialist Today! The DuraFon 1X delivers unmatched wireless coverage with easy set up and usability. Yes, provided this is handled by the phone company or phone system it is connected to.

You will need to press the flash key to flip between callers. All phones udrafon after Nov. Will my DuraFon 1X base units interfere with each other or other communication durafln Yes, Base units and or the high gain antennas should be at least 30′ apart from each other, and other duraffon equipment for best performance and to reduce interference.

In addition, the base unit provides individual handset with one of over 65, furafon security codes to ensure that another system’s handset is unable to link to another non-related base unit. Can I answer a second call coming through a secondary base while on a call with an initial base? The DuraFon 1X handset can only utilize one connection at a time. Outside of the Telephone service provider’s “Call Waiting” the only way to answer a second inbound call is to be free to connect.


How different is the range using ddurafon way, or broadcast handset to handset, as compared to base to handset communication? Two way and broadcast handset to handset are independent of the base unit.

If the external antenna is used on the base unit, the range drafon will be even more noticeable. To maximize 2 way or handset broadcasts, use the long antenna on the handsets. We added this feature to avoid howling or feedback in speakerphone mode when starting a new call. Simply press any digit to turn on the voice path.

This feature is now on all Durafon 1x with speakerphone. Why would EnGenius use Mhz, when this is an older technology compared to the newer 2. Contrary to common belief, range is actually better at lower frequencies. Lower frequencies are less absorbed by objects and less affected by walls, buildings, trees, and even open air.

Additionally, we use MHZ to avoid the sharing of WiFi networks, which would not only cause interference, but also reduce range for our system as well. Thirdly, the FCC allows more power to be used at lower frequencies because lower frequencies are safer for human exposure.


The DuraFon 1X allows a facility manager to tour and maintain the grounds while manning the main office at the same time. This helps them to provide superior customer service and ensure the property runs at peak efficiency.

SN902 Durafon 1x

DuraFon curafon offers superior coverage for most every user that requires mobility within a large outdoor environment. Offering complete coverage both indoor and outdoor and throughout the neighborhood. Product Highlights 12 floors in-building penetrationsq. Single, group or all Broadcast port Any analog line connection: No the DuraFon 1X system does not have voice mail or an answer machine.

EnGenius SN Durafon 1x

Does the DuraFon 1X handset have speakerphone on calls? What security does the DuraFon system use? Can a 1x handset work with a4x, or PRO base unit?

To register a new DuraFon 1X handset to a base unit, please follow the following instructions: System 1 analog port per base unit Up to 4 base units 4 ports Removable base antenna Flexible port dedication: