EC Mobile Ad hoc Networks. Subject Code / Name: DEPARTMENT OF ELECTRONICS AND COMMUNICATION ENGINEERING QUESTION BANK. B.E./ DEGREE EXAMINATION, NOVEMBER/DECEMBER Eighth Semester Electronics and Communication Engineering EC /. EC MOBILE ADHOC NETWORKS. L T P C. 3 0 0 3. UNIT I. INTRODUCTION. 9. Introduction to adhoc networks – definition, characteristics features.

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Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. What is hybrid routing protocol? Name some of the outdoor propagation models. Device a pseudo code that present various steps involved in neighbor Degree- Based preferred link algorithm.


Mention any four qualities networos service metrics that are used to evaluate the performance of the network? Discuss briefly cross layer optimization technique in detail. In Adhoc networks, the routers are power constrained just as the nodes. It determines the highest priority of a data packet ready to be sent by competing nodes. What is the choice between proactive routing protocol and reactive routing protocol? Define security routing Security routing is defined as routing the data packets from the source to the destination in a secured manner.

Tunneling is a mechanism in which the mobile node a Simply forwards the packets using the adhoc routing protocol to the destination node, if the destination is inside the MANET b Encapsulates packets and sends them to the gateway node if the destination is not inside the MANET c When the gateway node receives packets, it decapsulates them and sends them nrtworks the original destination 7. Distinguish between shadowing and reflection of signal propagation.



Fading refers to the fluctuations in signal strength, when received adhod the receiver. Nodes do not require global time synchronization: List the advantages and disadvantages of DSDV routing protocols.

Explain ad hoc indoor mobility models in detail. What do you mean by contention based protocols? Availability of network — Emergency 7. Maximize Network Connectivity 3. Remember me on this computer. List the advantages of hybrid wireless networks. The real-time MAC protocol is needed where 1.

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Reduced signal interference 2. This is especially important for interactive sessions between user applications. Explain the characteristics of wireless channels. Explain the contention based protocols with scheduling and reservation in detail. The classification of routing protocols based on the routing information update mechanism are 1.

Why does TCP not perform well in adhoc wireless network? MAC protocol should maximize it. List the major types of resource consumption attacks. Why are ad hoc networks needed? List the betworks of attacks in ad hoc wireless networks.

Mobility of nodes in a sparsely populated mobile ad ho network is less. Design goals of a MAC protocol for ad-hoc networks are a The operation of the protocol should be distributed.

What are the different types of conflict free protocols?

How is routing table constructed in fisheye state routing protocol? How does energy aware routing work? List the applications of ad hoc networks. What are the advantages? Successive reservation slots need not align with each other: TCP in ad hoc networks becomes a problem due to a Misinterpretation of packet loss b Frequent path breaks c Effect of path length d Misinterpretation of congestion window e Asymmetric link behavior f Uni-directional path g Multipath routing h Network partitioning and remerging i Use of sliding-window-based transmission 7.


Define — Indoor Propagation Model Indoor propagation model is defined as the model which is used to characterize radio propagation inside the buildings. Directional antenna MMAC is superior over MACAW, since a node transmits packets only through directional antennas, the interference caused to nodes in its direct transmitting range is reduced considerably.

Give the categories of handoff. The presence of dynamic and adaptive routing protocols enables quick formation of ad hoc networks and is suitable for emergency situations like natural disasters, spontaneous meetings or military conflicts.

List the main issues in designing a MAC protocol for ad hoc wireless networks. What are the parameter optimization techniques available? The classifications of integrated mobile IP network based on gateway discovery are What is an ad hoc network? How application layer is integrated with its upper layer?

How routing table is constructed in fisheye state routing protocol? Table driven routing protocols – Periodic exchange of routing information.

What are not supported by the traditional TCP for handling Adhoc network? List the features of wireless LAN.