like war without death.” ― Alain Badiou, In Praise of Love. 91 likes . el nacimiento de un mundo.” ― Alain Badiou avec Nicolas Truong, Eloge de l’ amour. 4 nov. Éloge de l’amour. (English) Éloge de l’amour. Alain Badiou, Nicolas Truong L’amour est une construction de vérité. Vérité sur un point très. Eloge De L’Amour FL by Alain Badiou, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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The ecological question supposes a challenge to capitalism itself. Even very great minds will make errors, but that does not invalidate the need to find the solution.

And that means a society that is freed from the power relations and the inequalities that constitute the collective reality. But in Eloge de la politique you go a lot further than that.

But, equally, I have myself long criticised vanguardist notions. If you mean the yearsimmediately following the overthrow of the monarchy; if you mean the magnificent Constitution ofwhich remains without vadiou up to this day; and if you mean the mobilisation against the foreign invasion, then yes, I say “yes, I defend the Terror. I do not think that that is right.

We do not know, for there are periods of doubt, moments in history when the question of what means are necessary remains obscure. It is the condition of the struggle itself.

Badiou: ”Lovprisning af kærligheden”/”Eloge de l’amour”

Do we need to maintain the separation of powers and a judiciary independent of the political authorities? They have just as much had enough of liberalism.

It is recognised that this collectivisation resulted in a catastrophe, between 10 and 30 million dead. Risk and adventure must be re-invented against safety and comfort. It is a brilliant first manipulation of the power of love and one we must now bring back to earth. You sacrifice freedom to equality.


Badiou: ”Lovprisning af kærligheden”/”Eloge de l’amour”

The freedom of the poor allows them to limit the power of the rich, for instance by organising a welfare state, as has indeed been done. The property question is just one among others. For his part, Joffrin takes up a position at the heart of the political game as a commentator and defender of social democracy and reformism. I am neither a viscount nor a provincial… What did I say that was false? There are not enough of them today, seeing the ravages left by the s counter-revolution, with its emblematic “Nouveaux Philosophes.

To give up at the first hurdle, the first quarrel, is only to distort love.

So what is the path to realising it? But that is the central point. Why not mention, among a thousand other truly astonishing episodes, the case of the port of Shanghai, paralysed by previous struggles, which got set running again when it was taken over by an absolutely novel, practical alliance between the students and workers? There you are using a metaphor without the slightest demonstrative power.

And that is not to mention civil liberties!

The Great Helmsman provided her as an example. But it was precisely when they went furthest that the failure was the clearest. For Joffrin, this comparison is a fallacy. But even if we admit that you are right: Even within the last century there was the incredible slaughter of two world wars.

That is a fundamental point of disagreement between badioj. Plato, conversely, first of all tried to define a just society, and only subsequently concerned himself with the means that would be required to get there. You speak of the Red Guards like you do the rest of the Cultural Revolution, i.


The existence of mass movements and a vast favourable public opinion is a necessary condition for the possibility of a new communist political vision securing victories.

Freedom is a precious asset in all circumstances. fe

We have all sorts of experiments on people, like experiments on aamour pigs. It is like when we are dealing with some difficult mathematical problem. It has now passed onto a secondary level on account of the failure of communism. In Praise of Love Quotes Showing of In this respect it has universal implications: In today’s world, it is generally thought that individuals only pursue their self-interest.

Formats and Editions of Éloge de l’amour []

The society that the Maoist Red Guards advocated was based on terror and oppression. Laurent Joffrin and Alain Badiou, November 6 And in what sense do the dead of colonialism balance out the dead of elofe It is because no one wants it. For when you reduce the Cultural Revolution to this type of episode, this is the stuff of the black legend, a reactionary and ridiculous legend. That would make me like him more… AB: Alain Badiou, what are the principles of communist society, such as you conceive it?

Alain Badiou, why set yourself up as defender of the Russian and Chinese experiences, if they were failures?