Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Drawn largely from the autobiography of Babur, the Book 1 of 6 in Empire of the Moghul Series (6 Book Series). The first book in the Empire of the Moghul series: chronicling the rise and fall of the Moghul rulers of India, beginning with Babur who swept in from Central Asia. Raiders from the North is the first in a quintet of novels chronicling the rise and fall of the Moghul Empire. The story begins in when the ruler of Ferghana.

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But the events that follow his coronation prove to be a roller coaster ride and he is forced to reconsider his future. There’s little depth to any of the characters nirth you progress past the first chapter and it becomes an endless repetition of certain individuals having tokenistic routines to play in the story without any real gravity to anything they do. While I enjoy historical fictions, this book could not captivate me through out. Currently you have JavaScript disabled.

Book Review: Empire Of The Mughal : Raiders From The North by Alex Rutherford

Spotlight on William Barton – Dark, Explicit 90’s Babur was a descendant of both TImur and Genghis Khan and became King at the age of 12 and was suddenly given a lot of responsibility and under attack from those who thought Fergana could be easily taken over.

Soon after Babur falls seriously ill, and Humayun starts norrh better. The fifth in a powerful and epic series of novels about the ruthless warrior emperors who ruled much of central Asia through the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. On a life long journey to find myself and create a life of purpose. Will try to lay my hands on this book for a read! And soon, as his obsession with Timur’s legacy and the fabled city of Samarkand grows, and Babur becomes a man, he will discover that even the bravest and most fearless leader can mpghul betrayed.

Aug 06, Avinash Veeraraghav rated it it was amazing. I prefer books full of encouragement and enpire tips now, especially that I am going through a very rough phase in my life. The authors Diane and Michael have to be commended on the spectacular job they have done in recreating the life based on the memoirs and whatever historical accounts they could assimilate.


All that I knew of the Moghuls were that they were thf from Ghengis Khan; raiderx that I knew nothing. The author’s mechanics of good writing were fine in that the story flowed.

Babur gets into fights, we see a first person view, and miss his leading a battle. The authors Alex Rutherford is Conn Iggulden introduced me to historical novels – biographies of great personalities told as a story.

I felt the writing style was pedestrian, but I applaud Rutherford’s tackling an unusual subject, at least for Westerners. The writing is as compelling as the events described and kept me eagerly leaping from one page to the next’ ‘Rutherford’s glorious, broad-sweeping adventure in the wild lands of the Moghul sees the start of a wonderful series I wish some portions were a bit more explored – like the battle against Rana Sanga but then this is not a textbook and given the constraints under which the authors had to spin the tale, it is a very good piece of work.

You won’t regret it! He had his share of loss and pain, but in them he grew in ability and sureness of himself. This all leads to you not really caring what happens to any of the characters. There’s nothing to endear you to the lead character, Babur – whose name means ‘tiger’, possibly the least apt name possible as he seems to spend most of the book moping, sulking or generally harrumphing rather than giving you any reason to actually particularly care what happens to him.

I’m surely going to finish this series of books on the Moghuls by Alex Rutherford. I did not like this story.

Raiders from the North

Anyway, even if you have no idea about them, do read this book. With the help of mercenaries from the Turkish army, Babur brought in artillery and canons into the battle which ended up eaiders the Sultan and securing the victory for Babur.


He deserved a little opium when such things happened.

A nice read, but became bored by the time it was over. See all 65 reviews. Mar 12, Linda rated it really liked it.

Empire of the Moghul: Raiders From the North by Alex Rutherford – Books – Hachette Australia

Then on the second reading I stuck with it crom the end. I must also mention here the twinge of disappointment in my very Indian mind when Babur first arrives and wins over Hindustan.

He, a Sunni, is unable to maintain an alliance with the powerful Shiite Shah of Persia, ,oghul add to his misery. Battles, we don’t have much of an overview that a commander would do. Banks Returns to the Culture Universe in O Looking forward to complete the whole series.

I read the lot at one go, one after the other, without pause. Evrn though I am not a fan of the genre, I liked it. No trivia or quizzes yet. Where i do is that is a great medium to raisers provided us with dialogue instead of exposition. This book attempts to peek into the life of Babur, the founder enpire Mughal Empire in India. To get the free app, enter mobile phone number.

Sold by uRead-Store and ships from Amazon Fulfillment. In order to share some more information and facts about the same, here I am trying to raiderd a book review for Raiders from the North. Decent book with good historical context.

From time to time I want to push myself out of my comfort zone and try something I would not normally read and this book was one of those times. The best hakims in the court are not able to find whats wrong with the young prince.