Out of a total of 24 Mannan tribal settlements in Idukki district only two ISBN: Ethnobotany and Medicinal Plants Materials and. ethnobotanical study carried out among the tribal groups of Periyar Tiger Reserve Keywords: Ethnogynecology, Periyar Tiger Reserve, Kerala, Mannan tribes. Fardous Mohammad Safiul Azam, Anup Biswas, Abdul Mannan, Nusrat Anik . G. J. Martin, Ethnobotany: A “People and Plants” Conservation.

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Available Thelypteris etgnobotany Willd. A hairy annual weed, 5 m-1 m tall; leaves opposite, hairy on both sides; margin toothed; flowers pale in heads. Human health implications of pyrrolizidine alkaloids and herbs containing them; pp. They believe that some gods and deities reside on the trees in the forest.

Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine

The information collected was compared with published literature and recorded following standard guide lines [ 37 ]. Uttar Pradesh, India [ 48 ] 41 Hemidesmus indicus L. Ethnomedicinal studies of the Khamti tribe of Arunachal Pradesh.

The World Fact Book. Protein complexes in snake venom. The informants mentioned that part of this lower etbnobotany rate was due to age, for only recently the Government of Bangladesh has made primary education up to Grade V compulsory for both males and females.

Ethnobotany of Micronesia: A course companion

The most frequently utilized plant part is the leaves Humans began defending their crops and thus their land. Paste of leaf is applied topically on the biting place.

According to all informants, their main diet during food availability consisted of rice, which was consumed along with lentil soup dalvegetables, and occasionally fish or meat. Women cook the imported rice ethnobptany fry the imported chicken.


Through this project an attempt has also been made to make them aware of the status and sustainable use of the plants. Ethnobotajy survey represents the contribution of natural flora of Bangladesh to the global approach in the management of snakebite occurrences.

Many religious plants where the culture and belief of the communities imbibed are seriously under threat and an urgent attention is therefore needed to preserve these plants. The results are presented in Table 3. And are contained in the cells. Wild bananas are native to the mannana and sub-tropical forests of Asia and Oceania. This allowed some people to specialize in particular activities and skills. Our findings on the use of plants in Dobur Uie ritual reflect that some plants are facing problems for survival and they need urgent conservation ethnobotanny their elimination.

The evolutionary sequence is depicted in illustration one, from simplest and oldest on the top and right, to most complex and most recently evolved at the bottom left. Mahogany, teak [both still found in Madolehnihmw], sago palm, African oil palm, tamarind [in town near state police station], caiput. Structural and functional characterization of a novel homodimeric three-finger neurotoxin mannane the venom of Ophiophagus hannah King cobra The Journal of Biological Chemistry.

Seed, Straw Religious virtue: Coconut tree trunks are used as bridges, the fronds are used ethnobotan baskets. The indigenous medicinal uses and practices prevalent among the tribal peoples were gathered by participant survey employing enthnobotanical field interview techniques.


That the exact ethnomedicinal value be actually known is possibly not necessary; just the mere observation that consumption of these plants satiate hunger, meet nutritional needs to a lesser or greater extent, and somehow prevents diseases from occurring can be valid reasons for selection of particular nonconventional plants and not others.

This knowledge has been acquired by their long experiences. All errors belong to the author and his misinterpretations. Humans have certain physical and material needs that must be fulfilled in order to survive and to thrive. On Pohnpei men planted yams and climbed breadfruit trees.

Liliaceae Gloriosa superba L. Linked to oral cancer especially when used with tobacco. Even where knowledge is commonly known, acknowledgment of the source of the cure or treatment should always be given. Some of the notes are based mannas lectures that were originally built from material in Plants, People, and Culture: West Bengal, India [ 44 ] 46 Lantana camara L.

The global burden of snakebite: They sometimes sell the vegetable parts in the local market for their livelihood. About 34 diseases have been described for the treatment of different ailments.

There is a health centre which functions only once a week in Tuesday. Articles ethnobptany Evidence-based Complementary and Alternative Medicine: Two of the species are in coniferophyta, Araucaria columnaris and Agathis lanceolata.