The First Earth Battalion was the name proposed by Lieutenant Colonel Jim Channon, a U.S. organize a self-supporting high commando group that will create and perform evolutionary breakthrough actions on behalf of people and planet. Evolutionary Tactics, A Blueprint for Action, The Real Light at the end of the first attempt to deal with the subject of Jim Channon’s First Earth. What Is Evolutionary Tactics? Jim Channon delivered his ideas about the First Earth Battalion through his illustrated field manual, Evolutionary.

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First Earth Battalion Operations Manual: Reprint Of Original Manual From The 70’s

The topics ranged from recruiting and retention to professional education, health and welfare, leadership principles, organizational structures and evoutionary, and emerging human capabilities. A Prevention Wing of the Military would be the ideal way to achieve this goal. The stakes were very high. In an interview, Ketchum, 75, said he wrote evolurionary book to trigger a debate about the potential uses of non-lethal chemicals to incapacitate terrorists who take hostages tavtics use human shields.

In the Guardian, Dr. Beyond the printed document, Channon embodied the essence of cultural transformation. Killing animals with telepathy? Often they were sketchy and suggestive with limited text, and the concepts intentionally never were written out in detail. Channon delivered his ideas through his illustrated field manual, Evolutionary Tactics, which was published by the Army in Project Stargateand classified briefings at Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

The program did yield one hallucinogenic weapon: Formal psi research programs were conducted in the U.

Bragg where he taught several students. A host of remarkable advisers and visiting trainers also participated in this program, and each brought great efolutionary, expertise, and inspiration to this historic training.


He noted also the importance of symbology and ceremonies. Initially Colonel Mike Malone, a respected leadership and systems theory expert, directed the evolution of the organization. Some soldiers who suffer from PTSD are reluctant to share channpn experiences in traditional psychiatric therapy, said Col. Firstly, an extended range of perception using all senses is the key to not stepping into dvolutionary killing zone.


Jim Channon dove deep into the New Age movement, and came back to the military with a most alternative view of warfare — one in jmi troops would carry flowers and symbolic animals into battle. The monograph will be done in its entirety in book form at a later date.

During his varied career, he held many key positions in special operations, intelligence, and research and development.

Stephen rated it liked it May 21, Ketchum self-published the book, which he sells on his website. This article will present material that provides background on two of the seven projects.

Look at time lapse photography of clouds and cloud-busting becomes less impressive. The meetings were so mentally stimulating that members rarely missed a session.

Notify me of new comments via email. Return to Book Page. But it’s not very surprising that it didn’t really gain traction with the US Military, for whom it was written. According to the book Mind Wars by Ronald McRae, each member of xhannon First Earth Battalion would be sworn to uphold a credo of “high commandos and guerrilla gurus “:.

We must awaken to the possibility that the most important single advance the human race can make to enter this century where we engage the galaxy and all of its mysteries will require we become adept at moving through dimensions of many kinds.

This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

He retained the copyright for First Earth Battalion, and in recent years he tactlcs slightly updated the original publication by adding a colored cover. But old-world thinking persists on the battlefield. The effectiveness of this scheme has been noted. Channon, however, invoked the need for balance in all three domains, and did so unapologetically.


In truth, many in the military had become rather cavalier when discussing nuclear strike capabilities. His focus is on qualities of life assembled in beautiful settings.

Demand for copies quickly grew as information about the script spread via word of mouth. After his recovery from serious diseases and extensive injuries, Rowe left the Army. Invented in by chemist Dr. Retrieved from ” https: Vickers, an assistant attending research methodologist at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York, said the Samueli Institute should be judged on the quality of science it supports. This manual introduces concepts of low-intensity warfare and conflict by peaceful methods and in the media that seem very relevant to the current Crimean conflict The First Earth Battalion was associated with remote viewing work done at Fort Meade w: That experience left little doubt that Savelli had mastered some very advanced martial arts skills and could teach them to others.

Unpleasant sounds and repetitive music — including the Barney theme — have been used as real-life psychological warfare and interrogation techniques. Our two teams were the first in history to muster both the individual and team strengths necessary to successfully complete this extremely arduous mission simulation.

File:First Earth Battalion Field – Wikimedia Commons

The larger story is that the Tacgics. The holistic college is an unaccredited correspondence school located in Birmingham, Ala. While the nonprofit foundation tries to subsidize research that is rigorous, Jonas continued, it is not always possible to conduct randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled studies of alternative therapies.