Introduction Yu-Shan! The sanctum of the Primordials! The home of the gods! The seat of Unconquered Sun! The Heavenly City, from whence all blessings flow!. As a for instance: Recently in a game session, I remembered the face of the man who killed my First Age incarnation. That is, the sidereal who. of Exalted Power the Dragon-Blooded, the Manual of Exalted Power the Lunars, the Celestial Directions, the Blessed Isle, the Wyld, Yu-Shan, the Compass.

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The Laughing man is seeking one of his lost Revelers and will not stop until he has found them. An uncharted jade platform, 20 yards across, in the middle of the open ocean holds this gate side. The Heavenly City, from whence all blessings flow!

Those with the Celestial Travel Permit merit are allowed through a particular gate, to shxn particular destination in heaven play. Entrance to Yu-Shan is usually through one of its many gates.

Whereas the City of Yu-Shan is esalted and bright, Nu-Bran is chaotic and dark, claustrophobic streets and cramped buildings make way into umbral forests of dank weeds and wild trees. Where did this creature come from and how can it be stopped? However there is a caveat to Nu-Bran being “Secret” it is not a secret, if questioned people exaltd speak of it and let others know otherwise it will enter the knowledge of the Bureau of Secrets purview.

Exalted: The Mean Streets of Yu-Shan

Cool idea but like Locations for the gates are assumed to be shown on the map in the 1E sidreals book side. Back to the Compass of Celestial Directions. He knows them all and Loves everyone of them.

The Maiden in Darkness, Crier of the Dark.

We think you’ll have a much more enjoyable experience. Yu-Shan is a pocket in the fabric of Creation, similar to but far larger than any of the individual sanctums maintained by gods.

Guarded by Shanks, a celestial lion sympathetic to the Gold Faction cult. The demon Jacint can carve a road to the gates with a word game. Rumors exist of other, hidden, gates ocdx. This gate is surrounded by a small island of stability within bordermarches exakted the Wyld, in the ruins of the lost city of Xu-Lak, in the northeast.


Nothing about him isn’t worn down or patched together from parts salvaged from the wall, as such he has began to look like a patchwork creation of some child. Obsidian Portal has a lot of really cool features that use JavaScript. The map shows where the Golden Barque takes off and where it lands. From each of these exalyed, a canal leads to the center of the city side.

The Celestial Bureau in charge of housing in Yu-Shan is seeking to reclaim some of the abandoned areas of the Exqlted, when they have sent groups into them to explore and reactivate closed facilities they have noticed signs of habitation and revelry that seems unusual to them, they have moved and reopened several facilities and are planning to launch a new investigation after the Calibration but that will have to wait, as they have moved several people into the area to hold it open for the period of Calibration.

It is a Rictus Grin, flesh pulled back from the lips, affixed in constant manic appearance, Tired Eyes pulled back into deep sockets. I think it’s new to 3e and wanna know if it’s up to me to make up what comprises it or if there’s more info somewhere.

Exalted Yu Shan by UdonCrew.jpg

Located on an island next to the shadowland of Nightfall Island, off the southwest coast side. Surely entities such as they couldn’t have missed such an important thing for their Creation, surely they couldn’t have overlooked it?

Located in Chiaroscuro side. Light and Dark are two Sides of a Coin Solar’s within Creation are feeling a call, an echoing xhan for help that rings within their bones pulling them towards the gates of Yu-Shan.

Physically the toll was hard but that is minor for a being of Stone and Crystal, Metal and Soul. This completely disagrees with uy location on the sidereal map side. This building is a oppressive tower in roughly the same location as the Jade Pleasure Dome in Yu-Shan, and it san the vast majority of the Anarchy of Loathing a twisted reflection of the Deliberative of the Dragon-Blooded and the Celestial Hierarchy constant arguments and disagreements can be heard echoing from it’s halls, anger and resentment can be felt in palpable waves.

And so it was that when Malfeas crafted Yushial into a grand Celestial City he also crafted his greatest and brightest soul into a dark city of Obsidian and Shadows with rivers of dread and canals of hopelessness. Other text says this gate is in Great Forks exsd. Heaven exqlted the gods zhan be hell for everyone else, particularly two Sidereals who are assigned to the unenviable task of being the upright moral guardians of a place thoroughly gone to pot.


A three yard high arch made of oricalcum, moonsilver, starmetal and jade at the top of the Pyramid of the Rising Sun in Rathess. A building of brilliant Crystal and stunning Starmetal this is the only building in exwlted City that is in a constant state of good repair, never appearing marred for longed then a day, and always a shining example of what the City could have been if not for the despair and anger.

Image – Exalted Yu Shan by | Tempest Wikia | FANDOM powered by Wikia

I have approximate knowledge of many things. When the sun shines on it during the first day of each season, and all through Calibrationthe gate will activate for any Exalt or Dragon King of Essence 3 or more, though this does not wave any of the rules for entering heaven.

Canonical sources should be in plain text, with fan-based entries in italics. These Void Leeches have become a constant threat that has kept the Gatewarden busy, so busy that he has been unable to take a break to even rest in thousands of years, weather he is battling against the leeches and stopping them from breaching the wall or gathering materials for him to craft golems to fight against them on another front, he is constantly active and run ragged.

Feel free to add descriptions, local color, and possible events that might involve one or more of the gates. Plot Hooks Recently a new camp has appeared in Nu-Bran, full of twisted fate and dead opportunities this has became a training site for the Getimian Exalted and home of Rakan Thulio while he is not in creation or Yu-Shan.

I know about the map in CoCD: The Beautiful Thieves A tinkering effort at bringing fate ninjas into Ex3: One can only wonder who they angered enough to receive this ‘promotion.