User guide • Read online or download PDF • Fender FM R User Manual • Fender Receivers and Amplifiers. Download FENDER FRONTMAN R SCH service manual & repair info for electronics experts. Download FENDER FMR SCH service manual & repair info for electronics experts.

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Honestly, if you are looking for a first gigging amp, or any gigging amp, i suggest you buy this beast. Uhuh, this is a pretty good amp to me. This amp has two inputs. If you see this thing at yard sale beware because you might mnual you’re looking at a Twin Reverb but you come to find out it is some solid state two speaker waste of time. This is a solid state amplifier, putting out watts into 4 ohms. The first channel is simple, with only knobs for volume, treble, mid, and bass, while the second channel has the same plus a drive parameter.

The drive channel also has a gain knob. If you poke around inside with out knowing what you’re doing you manuzl fry something or get a nasty shock. There is a vender, one-knob control for this reverb. Another great thing about this amp is how sensitive the EQ is, the slightest turn on the treble knob is fendef in the sound, I’m saying that there is a difference between having you EQ set up as this: Brad Brown Level 3 Expert Answers.

Nothing near watts of sound. Answered on Oct 20, It’s not that great sounding of an amp, but who expects it to be at dollars? Answered on Oct 27, Also, the EQ controls are pretty weak, and they don’t go very far at all in shaping the tone.

  AR 385-61 PDF

Features W 2 Special Design 12″ drivers Limited-edition red finish 2 channels: Popular Tags blown speaker service manual mixer amp low volume fix blown I’m sorry is just garbage. The clean sounds decent but god lord this amp is terrible!! Answered on Apr 18, However, the distortion on here is pretty much unusable and it’s super tinny. This review was originally published on http: It may also be a capacitor in the power supply is failing, but a bit less likely. Also check for 16 volts at each of the 50 microfarad caps nearby for the same scenario.

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Black textured vinyl covering Pilot Light Jewel: If you verify that the guitar sounds bad on a different amp, take it in to 2212r it setup properly.

Ben Armstrong Level 2 Expert Answers.

All user reviews for the Fender FM 212R

If none are found then look at all soldered connections, or better yet- reflow each one. I fendder regret having it, if one of my amps were to die or something, and I needed a quick replacement, I’d use this, but I don’t think I’d ever prefer it to a tube amp.

I’ve had several fender amps to blow their speakers during loud playing. Mabual thing is so bad I am actually embarrassed to have listened to it. Then trace it back to the problem. It will certainly inspire those of us who fendee more light, smooth music, though. I’d still probably recommend going with something smaller if you’re just starting out, but if you insist that you fendre a bigger amp for gigging and still can’t pay more than fneder few hundred bucks, the Frontman R should suit you.

Going over the cons first save the best for last of course! Posted on Jan 10, Be the first to answer. So Go out and get one! Power it up outside of the case and if it cuts out again, check for voltages at the finals, You should be close to 48 volts from chassis ground to the high side power rails of the finals.


Along with the clean channel, which has a 3 Band EQ that sounds great even at high volumes, you have the Drive channel and the more drive channel.

Originally written by valskater on Audiofanzine FR. It sounds okay for the price, but will never stand up to most other Fender amplifiers.

It is good if you want to use it to boost solos or leads, as it is louder and has a little more fuzz on it. Are you a Fender Music Expert?

And did i mention the volume of this beast? The clean sound is okay, although very solid state sounding and not warm like tube amp.

Fender FM R – Guitar Tricks Forum

What could be wrong? Both jacks use a TS Tip-Sleeve standard type plug for connections. Take it to a Fender service center for repair. I am not sure what the point is for this amp. When somebody says “there is something wrong” means they don’t really know the details enough to give you an estimate even.

Answered on Apr 24, After it has been on for a few min. Lastly, on the far right there’s a reverb knob. Did you find this review helpful? If the amp cuts out sharply I would suspect that: