Johannes Nider ( – ) was a German theologian and member of the Dominican order. His work Formicarius, published around , is an important. Johannes Nider’s Formicarius was a demonological treatise written during the Council of Basel in Switzerland. Nider’s treatise detailed the. Formicarius. Front Cover · Johannes Nider. Formicarius: Dialogus ad vitam christianam exemplo conditionum Formice Johannes Nider Full view -.

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The fifth book, on witches, is structured around the colors of ants. Views Read Edit View history. Salem witch trials — Added by Christopher Hightower. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. In Nider’s Formicariusthe witch is described as uneducated and more commonly female.

The Formicarius would have functioned as a kind of preacher’s manual, with stories tailor-made for use in sermons. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

There were other books written about witchcraft before this. Retrieved from ” https: The Formicarius uses a teacher-pupil dialogue as its format. This article is about the book.

Johannes Nider. Formicarius (The Ant Hill). Second edition, ca. 1484.

Log in to the Medieval European History Archives users only. This article related to a book about religion is a stub. In each case, the student quickly becomes bored and asks for contemporary examples.


The title is Latin for “the ant colony”, an allusion to Proverbs 6: The idea that any persons could perform acts of magic simply by devoting themselves to the devil scared people of this time and proved to be one of the many factors that led people to begin fearing magic [ citation needed ]. The second book, dealing formicwrius revelations, was based on ants’ varied means of locomotion.

Johannes Nider. Formicarius (The Ant Hill). Second edition… | Flickr

This page was last edited on 18 Decemberat Please see link for more information: This complex system of using ants as metaphors for various aspects of Christian belief and practice is only really addressed in the first few lines of each chapter, after which Nider focuses on whatever theme he means to address with almost no further reference to ants. The third book examines false visions and uses the variable sizes and kinds of ants.

The Formicarius was written between andwhile Nider was part of the theological faculty at the University of Vienna.

Additionally, each of the twelve chapters of each book was based on one of sixty conditions of ants’ lives. The Formicariuswritten by Johannes Nider during the Council nidee Basel and first printed inis the second johannss ever printed to discuss witchcraft the first book being Fortalitium Fidei [1].


Prior to the fifteenth century, magic was thought to be performed by educated males who performed intricate rituals. From Sorcery to Witchcraft: This particular copy of the Formicarius is located on the website of Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, the Bavarian State Library.

Nider, a Dominican reformer himself, formicwrius the book to reach as wide an audience as possible through its use in popular sermons. Keyword Boolean Exact match Search only these record types: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Formicarius – Wikipedia

This association between women and witchcraft would come to characterize much of the witchcraft hysteria of johanjes modern Europe. Nider used the ant colony as a metaphor for a harmonious society.

According to Bailey, Nider was much more focused on reform in general, which was opposed by demons, who worked their opposition through subservient witches. The teacher is a theologian who is clearly meant to be Nider himself, while the student is presented as a curious but lazy individual who is there primarily to prompt the theologian to recount contemporary stories related to the book’s many themes.