The Gayatri (Sanskrit: गायत्री, gāyatrī) is a Vedic hymn personifying Hindu goddess Gayatri. According to I. K. Taimni, the power of the. I. K. Taimni (Iqbal Kishen Taimni, –) was a Professor of Chemistry at the Allahabad Gayatri; Glimpses into the Psychology of Yoga; Man, God and the Universe · Science and Occultism · The Science of Yoga: The Yoga Sutras of . Results 1 – 17 of 17 GAYATRI. La pratique religieuse journalière des hindous by I-K Taimni and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available.

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Gayatri is the most renowned of the Vedic mantras. This capacity and strength has generally to be built up gradually and updsand helps in doing this. What is the particular function or purpose of these three parts of the Gayatrl mantra? The alloys must be of a gayati kind, able to produce the delicate and pure notes with the necessary overtones or harmonics which impart that exquisite quality to good instrumental music.

I. K. Taimni

Personalize Gift card We will send an email to receiver for gift card. But here it is used for any particular combination of sounds whose repetition can bring about certain definite results. Sangeeta Singh rated agyatri it was ok Sep 25, For he who has solved the mystery hidden behind our Sun has to a great extent solved the mystery hidden behind the Cosmos or is at least in a position to tackle that problem.

It will be seen that success in japa is possible only when all the powers and faculties of the sadhaka are concentrated and polarized in the direction of his objective.

But study of the mere theoretical aspects of a subject like Gayatri, even though it is deep and detailed, is more or less futile although many students allow themselves to remain contented with such a study. He then fits an arrow to the string and stretches the string to the utmost in order to put in additional potential energy into it.

It is not possible to deal with all the aspects of this subject in this book. Even in the realm of modern Science we are gradually realizing that all sciences are connected with one another and are really derivatives of one fundamental Science which includes and embraces them all. The science of metre as it exists now is a lost science. Science has not been able to discover or classify all the vibrations working even on the physical plane and will perhaps never be able to do so on account of their complexity and subtlety.

The problem has to be attacked on two fronts at the same time for a very simple reason. It is only when this is done that the Adept can know the nature of this fundamental vibration which is called Nada and that aspect of Ultimate Reality in which and by which it is produced, namely, Sabda-Brahman.

Each function and power is given a particular name and form, the form having a deep symbolic significance and being meant to give to the sadhaka in a concrete image an integrated concept of the particular Divine function or power. When Taimni was 11 years old he lost his mother to tuberculosis. Now, what Pranava is to the Isvara of our solar system the Mahd Vydhritis are to the Presiding Deities of the lowest three planes in which we live our ordinary life, namely, the physical, astral and mental planes or prithivlaniariksa and svarga as they are called in the Hindu scriptures.


I. K. Taimni – Wikipedia

The sddhaka identifies himself with all human beings in invoking Savita and in a way already assumes the unity which he wants to experience directly. That particular Adept who has discovered or constructed a mantra after the necessary investigation or practice of devout austerities tapasya is called the Rishi of that particular mantra. Unfoldment of human consciousness when carried to a certain stage helps us to come in contact, through the deeper levels of our own consciousness, with the Universal Mind in which all knowledge of the Haimni are contained.

When an archer has to shoot a target with an arrow he takes the bow, bends it and fits the string. A great many pseudo sadhus religious men and samnyasis those who have renounced the worldly life are going about and preaching the philosophy of complete self-surrender to people who have not yet learnt the A B C of sadhana.

This idea is sought to be conveyed in the well-known doctrine that the letters of the Sanskrit alphabet emanate from the damaru or drum of Siva. Even they taini not above the necessity of working according to the laws of Nature. According to the doctrines of Hindu philosophy, in the state known as the unmanifest Reality or Nirguna Brahman, Consciousness and Power are present as One, undifferentiated and undistin- guishable.

The Spiritual Light which is shining within the physical Sun also shines within the heart of every jiva.

Nor is it necessary to have this degree of tremendous urge before taking up the practice of japa. In this last part the sadhaka surrenders himself completely to the Divine and thus makes it possible for the Divine forces to flow into his vehicles, so as to purify those vehicles and to raise them to a higher degree of sensitivity and capacity for enlightenment.

This is of great help in sadhana, especially for the beginner. It is true that in order to know the whole you must know all the constituent parts, but it is also true that in order to know any part perfectly you must know the whole. UPASANA 99 Before dealing with the various ceremonies which are involved in Gayatri upasana, known generally as samdhya, it is necessary to dwell for a while on a matter which is of fundamental importance. Similarly, the capacity of our vehicle to reflect the higher consciousness or to bring down spiritual forces from the higher planes depends upon three factors.

The forces which temporarily flow through his vehicles from the higher planes at this time flush out the vehicles, as it were, attune and harmonize them to some extent and leave some lasting effect which cumulatively raises the general tone of his life.


Retrieved from ” https: This does not mean that the whole process of upasana is a subjective phenomenon, a sort of self-delusion which we create to escape from the stresses and strains of life. Direction of the mind to the Devata puts the sadhaka in a way in touch with the source of that power and he can draw as much force as his capacity and attitude will permit.

Another kind gaytri substitute of the well-known Gayatri mantra are the two Gayatris in trishtup and jagati metres gayatgi are meant for the Ksattriyas warrior caste and Vaisyas merchant caste respectively although they are also entitled to the use of the Gayatri in gayatri metre. If vibration is related to both form and consciousness, as pointed out in the previous paragraphs it should be possible through its agency to produce different kinds of natural phenomena on the one hand and to bring about changes in consciousness on the other.

Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. If we examine gyatri matter carefully we shall see that the quality of the music depends upon three gajatri 1 the material of the wires 2 the tension to which they are subjected gayatr! As is well known, according to the philosophy of the Rishis who recommended the use of the Gayatri mantra in the daily religious practice of the Hindus, tamini whole cognizable universe is the external expression of a transcendent Reality which is beyond the senses and beyond even the scope of the intellect.

We saw in Chapter IV that the three Mahd Vydhritis are the hija mantras of the Presiding Deities of the three lowest planes prithvi, anlarikslia and svxrga and the metre of the most important of them, namely the physical is again gayatri. The first is the words of the mantra and their meanings. Thus only, he could slowly unfold his spiritual faculties until he was strong and discriminating enough to tread the Path of Holiness.

It begins with the repetition of the mantra mentally, the mind being conscious only of the sounds produced. They are universal and all-pervading, but while having the same essential quality under all conditions, they may appear different when working at different levels and in different spheres.

Gayatri : The Daily Religious Practice of the Hindus

It is in the sounds produced by the letters that the subtle specific powers reside and not in the symbols used for them. Slowly and surely the vicious circle will be replaced by a virtuous GAYATRl circle, the inner intuition will begin to dawn and give to the sadhaka that indomitable faith or fraddha which nothing can shake. There are two further stages of knowledge—intuitional and Real—which the sadhaka reaches when his consciousness penetrates into the still deeper levels of his being.

Om satyam Om is bhuh, etc.