Hydrogen peroxide bleaching of sodium alginate from seaweeds oh the Sargassum genus was studied. The influence of H2O2 concentration ( percentage of. Género Sargassum pertence aos grupos taxonômicos Chromista, Ochrophyta, Phaeophyceae, Fucales, Sargassaceae e inclui a seguinte lista de espécies. Abstract: The seaweed Sargassum (Sargassaceae) as tropical alternative for goats’ feeding. Las algas del género Sargassum C. Agardh.

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Samples were collected from eight pitfall traps placed at a distance of 2 m from each other.

The importance of S. HPLC fingerprint profile of chloroform extracts of S. This study is intended to utilize rice husk and sawdust as raw material particle board using adhesive from boiling water of brown algaeSargasum duplicatum which are natural material that are eco-friendly, renewable, and can replace synthetic adhesives that are carcinogenic.

In the open generoo, Sargassum mats serve a vital ecological function. The variable contents in both species suggested that fixed raw materials are very important for future research and development. The structure of mobility was assed by agarose gel electrophoresis which showed highest mobility at higher pH values especially in buffer carbonate -bicarbonate pH Extraction using the alkaline method has resulted in S.


Sargassum natans (Linnaeus) Gaillon :: Algaebase

UV-visible spectral analysis reveals the formation of AgNPs geneo showing absorption maximum at nm wavelength and SEM analysis clearly elucidate the polydispersed structure of AgNPs without aggregation and ranged in size from nm. This research studied the effect of different demineralization treatments of Sargassum spp.

The Sargasso Sea, named due to the floating presence of Sargassum fluitans and S. Eckol-type phlorotannins including some newly discovered carmalol derivatives were detected in Sargassum species for the first time. In general, raphidophytes tend to dominate over dinoflagellates, which may indicate an allelopathic effect of the former algae.


Metode penelitian yang digunakan adalah experimental laboratories generi menggunakan Rancangan Acak Lengkap RAL faktorial dengan 2 faktor yaitu konsentrasi ekstrak Sargassum sp. Their estimated standard lengths ranged from about 20 to mm. Additionally, they can grow in water from second-use sources such as treated industrial wastewater; municipal, agricultural, or aquaculture wastewater; or produced water generated from oil and gas drilling operations.

In addition, most brown alga species were also found to accumulate Po, which indicates their selectivity to this isotope. These macro- algae were collected from three different locations during January Plant growth assay showed that the seaweed fermentation extract had an obvious promotion effect on root and seedling growth of Lycopersicon eseulentum Egnero.

Phytochemical characterization of brown seaweed Sargassum wightii. Pelagic Sargassuma complex of two surface drifting species Geero natans and Sargassum fluitans of marine brown macroalgae and a critically important habitat in the GOM ecosystem, was suffused by Macondo Prospect oil released during the DWH event. In evaluating heavy metal removal capacities, SJB S.

Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa pemberian ekstrak Sargassum aquifolium tidak memberikan pengaruh sargasssum pertumbuhan rumput laut Kappaphycus alvarezii. Full Text Available Tujuan penelitian ini adalah mempelajari pengaruh penggunaan Sargassum aquifolium dengan konsentrasi dan lama waktu perendaman yang berbeda terhadap pertumbuhan Kappaphycus alvarezii, serta mengetahui pengaruh penggunaan S.

Género Sargassum, lista de espécies, taxonomia e fotografias

Agardh and Padina australis Hauck, was examined using the disc diffusion and broth microdilution methods. Fucoxanthin from brown seaweed Sargassum cristaefolium tea in acid pH. Expansion occurred more recently after the Last Glacial Maximum and recolonization of the newly flooded Sunda Shelf could have involved asexual propagation of the species. Searched on 10 April Potential of using tropical brown macroalgae sargassum cristaefolium meal in the diets for juvenile white shrimp litopenaeus vannamei.


The information is from the Literature database. Fucoxanthin at pH 2 showed that there was no allenic group, as fucoxanthin solution had a sargxssum yellow color. Eleven consecutive sorption-regeneration cycles at a flow rate of 10 mL min -1 were carried out for the removal of 50 mg L -1 Cd II solution.

alga marina sargassum: Topics by

Antibacterial activity of Sargassum polycystum C. Using 16S rRNA PCR and Roche pyrosequencing, the effect of the oil on the bacterial population associated with pelagic Sargassum and contiguous waters was examined by comparing sequence data generated from samples collected from oiled and non-oiled locations in the northern GOM. In no-choice trials, P In sargadsum, acetate additions greatly increase nitrogen fixation rates, once again indicating heterotrophic nitrogen fixing bacteria.

Essential elements accumulate high in mature mangroves forest while non-essential elements accumulate high in the industrially polluted mangroves.

Radiography have negative impact which is decrease catalase enzyme of human body. The reusability of the protonated alga was also studied using a fixed-bed column. This substrate-specific nature helps these protists to grow on Sargassum as epibionts Raghukumar, Semarang city is one of coastal city in Indonesia, that antropogenic activities have impact to coastal of Semarang, including Marina beach.