Summary of Contents of user manual for Hitachi DZ-GXA DVD-RW DVD- R +RW DZ-GXA DZ-GXA DZ-GXA Instruction manual Manual de. User guide • Read online or download PDF • Hitachi DZ-GXA User Manual • Hitachi Camcorders. Download Hitachi Dz Gxa Owners Manual Pdf dzgxa dzgxadzgxa dvdram dvdrw dvdr rw instruction manual mode d?emploi des.

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Operation ,anual subject to tile following two conditions: But, safety is your responsibility too. Do not press its surface with force, hit it or prick it with a sharp object. Also, Hitachi cannot be responsible for your recorded video and audio.

When cleaning the LCD screen, be careful not to use The coating About This Manual eDisplays in this manual or on Understand that tile displays are different from those vou will actually see fz-gx5020a the viewfinder tile LCD screen.

Table of Contents Important Information Setting Up Record Functions Requirements of available PC Checking Provided Accessories Make sure that you have all the following accessories in package: Lens cap string attachment hole p.

During charge Charge complete Goes out Note: OContinuously recordable time with fully charged battery with no zoom operation, etc. Turn the diopter control knob to adjust the Open the LCD monitor. Setting Date and Time Set the current date and time so that the date and time you make a recording can be recorded correctly. The following procedure can also be used to correct the date and time you have already set. See page 48 for detailed operation procedure.

Press the MENU button again to exit setting.

Choose “Reset” on the If you are sure that wish to reset, use the “Initial The brightness setting will be stored in memory even screen, Push tile center of card edge. Tile card will come out so that it can be held by fingers. Set the power switch to “4Jl” An icon will appear on the screen, and the LED light will glow. On-Screen Information Various types of information will appear in the viewfinder or on the LCD screen during recording.

LED light q p. Still Disc Recording mode msnual. Microphone filter only in movie recording mode p. Remaining battery level p. You can switch the display mode of on-screen information: Tile full and minimum display modes will alternate. The recording mode see 1 on page 43 and recording status see 10 on Tile shaded menu item can also be set using the Quick Menu.


Refer to page indicated for details of each function. Zoom” If you continue to hold the zoom lever on the “T” control side with Dig. You can also manually focus a subject depending on the recording conditions. Manually focus the following objects, which be automatically focused see page The exposure adjustment bar will appear on tire screen. If you choose the shooting You can also record images with the aspect ratio changed the aspect ratio with “Off” is 4: Manial following figures compare the images displayed If you specify ” Here is an explanation on “scene” and “program”, so that you will be able to make most use of Disc Navigation function.

The selected scene will be fl: Playback will stop, recording pause status will be restored.

Hitachi DZ-GX5080A User Manual

To go to the start, and enter playback pause. Choose the option To go to the end of last scene, and enter point you want to go playback pause. Repeat steps 2 and 3 to randomly select multiple scenes.

The selected scene will be framed in red vellow. You can attach fade and skip to a 80 – 82 Setting special The menu screens for Disc Navigation menu screens for disc and card will appear. Shaded items will also appear in Quick Menu display mode see page Refer to pages indicated for details of settings. The submenu will appear.

Hitachi DZ-GXA User Manual – Page 1 of |

To delete selected scenes L Be sure to select consecutive multiple scenes. Combining scenes is possible only when “Category: All” is specified p. There are three types of special effects: Fades in from white screen Fades in from black screen Fades in from Black and Fades out to white screen Tile selected scenes will be skipped. You can choose another image of the scene for thumbnail. If you set a vivid image to thumbnail, you carl know what you recorded h: This function is useful when there are nunlerous scenes.

Choose “Select” on tile “Scene” menu screen. Program refers to an assembly of scenes recorded on the same date regardless of whether they movie o]: OCharacters available for entering Note: The input letter will be deleted.


Since the play list is not created by copying data, you hitacui consume little of the disc capacity making a play list. The Disc Navigation screen of the selected play list will appear.

Display the editing screen of the play list to Repeat steps 3 and 4 to delete other scenes. The screen for verifying steps 2 – 4 on page You carl change this title at anv time. hitacchi

Go To From the Disc Navigation screen, you can jump to the first scene or last scene, and playback will start from that point. Further recording will not be possible on protected disc until the protection is released.

Finalization cannot be Before You Begin executed using a battery. You can use the Disc Navigation screen to switch this display to stills only or movies You can specify “TV type: You can also Refer to the TV instruction manual for how to No video can be recorded. Windows hnageMixer This allows you to import Websites to fine out whether the provided software can be used on Windows Vista: If you have been using the PC, terminate Carefully read the license agreement: If you running software programs.

After installation is finished, the screen for The screen for setting the video system will prompting restart will appear: Click “Finish” to restart the PC.

Hitachi DZ-GXA Manuals

The drive will appear on screen as follows: The drive Before unplugging the PC connection cable name E: A list of devices that are built into or connected to PC will appear: The image recorded on disc will appear. Clicking “Write” will display the screen for writing. Clicking “Preview” dx-gx5020a allow you to check any image of DVD to be created. USB port of Macintosh. The images recorded on disc will appear. List” at the bottom of screen. O Write to a DVD. You can check the video files in a DVD list.

Messages are arranged in htiachi order.

Select only movies and combine them.