This IDL Programming Tips and Tricks database is a. ANSWER: The Coyote Graphics System (CGS) is a collection of Coyote Library. QUESTION: How do I download and install the Coyote Library.

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To take advantage of this software, you have to know how to install the library of code and place it on your IDL path i. First of all, determine which file actually got compiled. Error bars can be added to bar plots with the cgPlot command. Draws data as a bar plot.

IDL Programming Tips

For example, I use it to keep the correct aspect ratio of a graphics plot when I send the plot directly to the printer via the Printer device. Initially, enough infrastructure was built to allow images to be added to KML files as GroundOverlay objects. It is similar to a plot command, but in addition it optionally calculates the Pearson correlation coefficient and plots a best-fit straight line though the data.

Details can be found in the on-line help or in the article Adding a Legend to a Coyote Graphics Window. I use it when I teach IDL courses to get data of various types so I don’t have to keep opening and closing files all the time.

The purpose of this utility routine is to allow the user to append some text to the root name of a file. Use idpcgShow and cgDelete to manipulate cgWindow applications. A CLIP keyword allows the user to clip the normal color table vector to just a portion of the original color table vectors. Default coyotee sizes are only used if! It currently works only with single page PostScript output, although directions for modifying multiple page PostScript output are available.


Coyote IDL Program Libraries

This completely eliminates any concern for poor quality fonts in raster file output. If you haven’t updated your Coyote Library in a while, this is an extremely propitious time to do so! The cgWindow program can accept multiple graphics commands.

The role of the cgConLevels function is to address this problem by providing an easy and intuitive way to produce contour levels that look nice on contour plots.

Retired Coyote programs do not disappear. This program is an object that maintains a list of “graphics keywords” and their current values.

Written as an object.

Coyote Graphics Plot Gallery

For example, if you are running into a problem with a program like PSCONFIG, idk is likely that you may have another program with this name on your path, and you are compiling this first, rather than the dil you want in the coyote directory. This is extremely gratifying to the library’s author, but causes many gray hairs, too, because the Coyote Library distributed with these other libraries is often out of date.

Error bars added to a bar plot. For example, to add both the Catalyst and Coyote Libraries, you would add them like this, since the coyote directory must be found first on the IDL path, before the catalyst directory To see which one you compiled, type this:.

If this matching is not done, Histogram silently returns incorrect results. In no case is the character size changed by the program if the!

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Coyote Graphics Programs

This function calculates and returns the normalized position coordinates necessary to put a plot with a ldl aspect ratio into the currently active graphics window. To see which new file has replaced a retired program, you can consult this retired program list. It is useful for labeling graphics displays and so forth. You must have a Subversion client installed to use the repository, however.

Here is a program that allows me to specify the primitive’s data range obtained from the primitive itself and a position in my arbitrary coordinate system and it calculates the proper scaling factor automatically. You can specify the name of a file as an argument to PrintPath to write the output to a file for easier searching if you have dil directories on your IDL path. This makes it difficult for many users to install the Coyote Library properly and make use of all of its functionality.

Not all naming conflict problems are easily resolved.

BELL Windows-only set of programs for ringing the bell or playing a voyote. Here is code that produces a “normal” contour plot with 10 equally-spaced contour intervals.

There are still a number of example programs in the library, but for the most part these programs are the bread and butter of my own daily IDL programming practice. The user can ask for a specific month by giving a month index.