BY FRANCIS BARRETT, F.R.C.. Professor of Chemistry expence, the Author undertook to compose THE MAGUS, presuming that his labours herein will meet . Results 1 – 30 of starstarstarstarstar (). The magus or Celestial intelligencer being a: Francis Barrett . (Chicago, IL, U.S.A.). Seller Rating: 5-star rating. Results 1 – 30 of 31 starstarstarstarstar (21). The Magus or Celestial Intelligencer Being a: Francis Barrett (Chicago, IL, U.S.A.). Seller Rating: 5-star rating.

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Excellent condition, like new. Inglese Opzioni di download: IN our following Treatise of Magnetism we have collected and arranged in order some valuable and secret things out of the writings of that most learned chemist and philosopher Paracelsus, who was the ornament of Germany and the age he lived in.

All men, therefore, are governed by the ministry of different angels, and are brought to any degree of virtue, deserts, and dignity, who behave themselves worthy of them; but they who abrrett themselves unworthy of them, are deposed and thrust down, as well by evil spirits as good spirits, unto the lowest degree of misery, as their evil merits shall require; but they that are attributed to the sublimer angels are preferred before other men; for angels having the care of them, exalt them, and subject others to them by a certain occult power, which, although neither of them perceive, yet he that is subjected feels a certain barrett of presidency, of which he cannot easily quit himself; yea, he fears and reverences that power, which the superior angels make to flow upon inferiors, and with a certain terror bring the inferiors into a fear of presidency.

Now the name of the supreme and highest intelligence, which many suppose to be the soul of the world, is collected out of the four cardinal points of the figure of the world, after the manner already delivered; and by the opposite and contrary way is known the name of the great demon or evil spirit, upon the four cadent angles.

The Magus (Barrett book) – Wikipedia

Samuel Weiser, Used – Very Good. No ink names, tears, chips, foxingetc. And no sympathetic remedies, magnetical or attractive, but from the idea or phantasy of the operator impressing upon it a virtue and efficacy from the excited power in his own soul. The goodness of the Creator every where extended, created every thing for the use of ungrateful man; neither did he admit any of the theologists, or divines, as assistants in council, how many or how great virtues he should infuse into things natural.

Likewise the wearing the loadstone cases and prevents the cramp, and such like disorders and pains. The officers seen are, Top row, left to right: Moreover, the ancient theologians of the Greeks reckon up six demons, which they call Telchines, others Alastores; which bearing ill-will to men, take up water out of the river Styx with their hands, sprinkle it upon the earth, whence follow calamities, plagues, and famines; and these are said to be Acteus, Megalezius, Ormenus, Lycus, Nicon, Mimon.

There is therefore a certain power of the witch in this action, which belongs not to Satan, and consequently Satan is not the principal efficient and executor of that murder; for otherwise if he were the executioner thereof, he would in nowise stand in need of the witch as his assistant; but he alone had soon taken the greatest part of men out of the way.

But he who could restore the souls truly to their bodies, must first know what is the proper nature of the soul from whence it went forth, with how many and how great degrees of perfection it is replenished, with what intelligence it is strengthened, by what means diffused into the body, by what harmony it shall be compacted with it, what affinity it hath with God, with the intelligences, with the heavens, elements, and all other things, whose image and resemblance it holds, To conclude, by what influences the body may be knit together again for the raising of the dead, requires all these things which belong not to men, but to God only, and to whom he will communicate them.


The tenth name is Adonai Melech, that is, lord and king; his numeration is Malchuth, that is, kingdom and empire, and signifies a church, the temple of God, and a gate; and hath his influence through the order of Animastic, viz. They being cast out into this valley of misery, some that are near to us wander up and down in this obscure air; others inhabit lakes, rivers, and seas; others the earth, and terrify earthly things, and invade those who dig wells and metals, cause the gaping of the earth, to strike together the foundations of the mountains, and vex not only men but also other creatures; some being content with laughter and delusion only, do contrive rather to weary men than to hurt them; some heightening themselves to the length of a giant’s body, and again shrinking themselves down to the smallest of pigmies, and changing themselves into different forms, to disturb men with vain fear; others study lies and blasphemies, as we read of one in third book of Kings, saying, “I will go forth and be a lying spirit in the mouth of all the prophets of Ahab.

But, from a dead carcass that was extinct of its own accord, and from nature failing, as well the implanted as inflowing spirit passed forth at once. And as every magical faculty lies dormant, and has need of excitement, or stirring up; which is always true, if the object whereon it is to act is not nearly disposed, if its internal phantasy doth not wholly confirm to the impression of the agent, or also if the patient be equal in strength, or superior to the agent therein.

I saw also the same man inscribing the name of another spirit with the seal thereof in the hour of Mars, which was given to a crow, who, being let go, after a verse muttered over, there followed from that part of the heaven whither it flew, lightnings, shaking, and horrible thunders, with thick clouds; neither were those names of spirits of an unknown tongue, neither did they signify any thing else but their offices; of this kind are the names of those angels, Raziel, Gabriel, Michael, Raphael, Haniel, which is as much as to say the vision of God, the virtue of God, the strength of God, the medicine of God, the glory of God.

LET a witch therefore be granted, who can strongly torment an absent man by an image of wax, by imprecation or cursing, by enchantment, or also by a foregoing touch alone, for here we speak nothing of Sorceries, because barreth are those which kill only by poison, inasmuch as every common apothecary can imitate those things that this act is diabolical, no man doubts: Now there is an order of letters in those tables under the stars and signs, almost like that which is with the astrologers, of tens, elevens, twelves.

In the second place, follow the spirits of lies, of which sort was he who went forth, and was a lying spirit in the mouth of the prophet of Ahab; and the prince of these is the serpent Pytho, from whence Apollo is called Pythius, and that woman a Pythoness, or witch, in Samuel, and the other in the gospel, who had Pytho in her belly.

Antoninus being formerly joined in singular friendship with Octavius Augustus, were accustomed always to play together; but when, as always, Augustus always went away Conqueror, a certain magician counselled M. There is likewise another way magis, and very much had in observation from the Egyptians, by making calculations from the degree of the ascendant, and by gathering together the letters according to the Almutel of the eleventh house; which house they call a good demon; which being placed according to their dignities, the names of the angels are constituted.

Michael is placed over the east- wind, Raphael over the west, Gabriel over the north, Nariel, who by some is called Mags, is over the south. Originally published in London U.

The Magus: A Complete System of Occult Philosophy () by Francis Barrett

Therefore, in Genesis, it is not called by the etymology of blood, but is made remarkable by the name of a red spirit. And there can be no nearer medium of magnetism, than human blood with human drancis. In the eighth place are the accusers or inquisitors, whose prince is Astaroth, that is, a searcher out; in the Greek language he is called Diabolus, that is, an accuser or calumniator; which in the Revelation is called the magsu of the brethren, accusing them night and day before the face of God.


IT is the opinion of divines, that all evil spirits are of that nature, that they hate God as well as man; therefore Divine Providence has set over us more pure spirits, with whom he hath entrusted us, as with shepherds and governors, that they should daily help us, and drive away evil spirits from us, and curb and restrain them, that they should not hurt us, as they would otherwise; as is read in Tobiasthat Raphael did apprehend the demon called Asmodeus, and bound him in the wilderness of fgancis Upper Egypt.

They do now and then distribute these three classes into nine chambers, the first is of units, vi. WE shall now show some remarkable operations that are effected by franxis, and founded upon natural sympathy and antipathy, likewise how by these means some extraordinary cures may be performed. Il nome visualizzato deve essere lungo almeno 2 caratteri.

Out of which, being dissected into parts, proceed nine particular figures See Plate, fig. Used – Like New, Usually ships within 6 – 10 business days, Looks unread! Samuel Weiser, Used – Very Good: Francis, Lighthouse, Newfoundland, Canada.

In the first place, is taken the certain number of letters, making the name itself, and is thus numbered from the beginning of the column of the first letter, or whereupon the name is extracted; and the letter on which this number falleth is referred to the first letter of the name extracted, by taking the distance of the one from the other, according to the order of the alphabet.

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If therefore any vowel should happen to fall upon a vowel, the former must give place to the latter: You must know that angelical spirits, seeing they are of a pure intellect, and altogether incorporeal, are not marked with any marks or characters, or any other human signs; but we, not otherwise knowing their essence or quality, do, from their names, or works, or otherwise, devote and consecrate to them figures and marks, by which we cannot any way compel them to us, but by which we rise up to them, as not to be known by such characters and figures, and, first of all, we do set our senses, both inward and outward, upon them; then, by a certain admiration of our reason, we are induced to a religious veneration of them; and then are wrapt with our whole mind into an ecstatical adoration; and then with a wonderful belief, an undoubted hope, and quickening love, calling upon them in barett and fracnis by true names and characters, do obtain from them that virtue or power which we desire.

From the former supposition I conclude, that if Satan were able of himself to kill a man who is guilty of deadly sin, he would never delay it; but he doth not kill him, therefore he cannot. The operator must be purified and cleansed, and have an infallible hope, a constant faith, and have his mind lifted up to the Most High God, if mwgus would surely obtain this divine power.

But if any letter of a name fall upon the line of figures, it is thus wrought: Ll tables from the book ‘The Magus’ by Francis Barrett. Therefore, the first of these, which are called false gods, who, usurping the name of God, would be worshipped for gods, and require sacrifices and adorations; as that devil who said to Christ, “If thou wilt fall down and worship me, I will give thee all these things,” shewing him all the kingdoms of the world; and the prince of these is he who said, I will ascend above the height of the clouds, and will be like to the Most High, who is called Beelzebub, that is, an old god.