Code for the Construction and Equipment of. Mobile Offshore Drilling Units, Edition. Erratum. December On page , in the. On page 77, paragraph , delete the second sentence so that the amended paragraph reads as follows: “ Audible signals in high noise areas should be . IMO Code for the Construction and Equipment of Mobile Offshore · Drilling Units, ( MODU CODE). Tags: IMO MODU Code.

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The system should be automatically initiated when the toxic gas alarm under paragraph 5. Muster lists should be drawn up in the working language or languages of the crew.

Code for the Construction and Equipment of Mobile Offshore Drilling Units – Lexology

That, in accordance with section 1. The Administration should determine the effect of such wing extensions with regard to the requirements of the LL Protocol for the strength of unit based upon length L. Chapter 09 Fire safety Chapter 9 – Fire safety. Therefore the minimum freeboard of each column-stabilized unit should be determined by meeting the applicable provisions for:.

The provisions of this chapter are additional to those of chapters 4 to moud and 9 and apply to periodically unattended machinery spaces specified herein. Such heeling moment determination should include lift and drag effects at various applicable heel angles.

Ga direct naar Inhoud of Menu. Where practicable, a single colour, preferably white or orange, should be used. Seal or stamp of the issuing authority, as appropriate. Suitable pressure-relief arrangements should be provided for all systems. Your email address will not be published. Person in charge Equivalent alternative arrangements should be permitted.


Pressures and resultant forces should be calculated by the method referred to in section 3.

The geographic locations, weather conditions and loading conditions in which this is permitted should be identified in the operating manual.

In accordance with paragraph 1. Access hatch coamings having a height greater than mm should also have steps on the outside in conjunction with the ladder. Where such joints are unavoidable, the plate material properties and inspection procedures selected to prevent lamellar tearing should be to the satisfaction of the Administration.

The installation method and procedure for fitting the door on board should correspond to that of the prototype test.

Cofe size should be in accordance with paragraph 3. The selection of welds for testing and the methods utilized should meet the requirements of a recognized classification society.

The indicator should give a clear and continuous warning when approaching the rated capacity of the crane.


Such air pipes should be positioned outside the extent of damage, as defined in chapter 3. An alarm should be given on automatic change-over.

The Administration which allows any such exemption should list such exemptions on the certificate and communicate to the Organization the particulars, together with the reasons jmo, so that the Organization may circulate the same to other Governments for the information of their officers.

In addition, sufficient lifejackets should be available for use at remotely located survival craft positions to the satisfaction of the Administration. Emergency repairs may be carried out on board the unit; however, permanent repairs should be carried out by an approved servicing station.


However, for purposes of the application of chapter 9, the space where the emergency source of power is located is not considered as being a control station. Where arrangements for overriding the shutdown of the main propelling machinery are fitted, these should be such as to preclude inadvertent operation.

Related Articles A year in pictures: They should not be forward of the collision bulkhead, if any.


Chapter 02 Construction, strength and materials Chapter 2 – Construction, strength and materials. Obstacles within the limited obstacle sector are limited to specified heights. In particular, one of the following provisions should be complied with:. Means should be provided which will prevent overpressure in any part of the systems. Internal means of communication should be available for transfer of information between all spaces where action may be necessary in case of an emergency.

An innovative financial approach. For those services not essential for the safety of the unit, only one feedwater system is required if automatic shutdown of the steam generating system upon loss of the feedwater supply is provided.

The procedures recommended and the approximate length of time required, considering both operating conditions and transit conditions, should be contained in the operating manual.