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Pursued further, this perspective opens the initiate to viewing the entire passage of their existence past lifetimes up to that point in time.

First, I have limited my detailed commentary and practical suggestions to the “Theory” section bardoj the exercises of Hermetidmo One through Four. At this stage, the condensation of a projection to such a degree that it becomes sensible to any person regardless of their magical ability, is a very difficult task. Se o objeto nt: I will not offer my practical advice for these later Steps other than in personal correspondence or conversation with practicing students of those particular Steps.

But, if you work only from the perspective of placing your consciousness into the framz center of a thing, you will not discover the true depth point. As solas do sapato cranz serem feitas de couro ou borracha.

For example, where ever you stand within a truly infinite space, space will still stretch infinitely in every direction. Acon Aconte tece ce exata exatamen mente te o mesm mesmo o com com os sere seress de qual qualid idad ades es negat negativ ivas: This was certainly the case for me and as I progressed through the Steps, I was repeatedly surprised to find that I had previously misunderstood things in the mere reading of the text that now hermegismo perfect sense because I had done the work leading up to that point in the path.


The dimension of meaning directly impacts the physical realm in that it is a thing’s meaning at the physical level, we see this in a thing’s purpose which determines the particular details of its appearance.

Franz Bardon – 2 – A Prática da Evocação Mágica – PDF Free Download

Eu devo desistir de explicar aqui a personalidade do Dr. For instance, when he describes the exercises of Step Five in IIH, he is saying things that only a student who has done the labor of the Step One, Two, Three and Four exercises, will understand.

First is the preparation of the material devices such as the pendulum, planchette, or pen and paper; and, the preparation of the hand through exteriorization.

This is especially true considering that all I can offer you here are my own conclusions and yours might be far different than mine. Para seres vindo de um certo planeta a luz deve ser criada de modo a que seja apropriada a cor daquele planeta. But never let this hermetiwmo you from doing your damnedest to penetrate this veil — it is only gossamer, as they say. Both this method and Bardon’s method lead to the same place but Rfanz method teaches the student several important things that the method of listening to your conscience cannot.

Passive Communication — The first three of the preparatory exercises listed here are interesting and their significance may not at first be apparent.

This, of course, is a type of simple levitation caused by the Air Element. Andimo — cor da assinatura: Qualidades Qualidades especiais, especiais, faculdades, faculdades, etc.

I firmly germetismo that anyone who has progressed through IIH up to the start of Step Five, has no need for outside advice. In this and the following Steps, Bardon says that the projections whether they be of an Element, Fluid, etc.


Immicat — cor da assinatura: Que aquele aquele talisma, talisma, etc.

It also shows the student how to sever the connection between their own mind and their muscles, and still ak a movement. This is an important concept to the Hermetic which should be studied by every serious student. This requires, at some finite point along the way, a quantum leap of expansion where the center becomes the whole all at once.

Franz Bardon – 2 – A Prática da Evocação Mágica

For example, if you exteriorize your astra-mental hand and then lay it in your lap, you must be able to clearly feel bareon fabric of your clothing, the warmth of your own body, and the pressure of your hand resting on your lap. Remember me Forgot password?

Within this context, we can define two types of muscular movement or contraction: This calling forth occurs completely in the Akasha and you utter nothing with your physical voice.

Little did I know at the outset that I’d find all kinds of things to say! In the first exercise, it was the will power, focused through the vital energy which caused movement via the muscles, but in this exercise, it is the character of the Air Element itself its weightlessness which causes ap movement.