Compiling Report Design, Filling Reports, View and Print Reports, Exporting, example demonstrates − how to view a report using the JasperViewer class −. document that can be viewed, printed, or exported to other formats. The screenshot shows the Jasper viewer displaying the report. Exporting to Other Formats Reports can be exported to several formats. (or by using the JasperViewer utility included with JasperReports), exporting reports is.

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In this tutorial, we show how display a report created with JasperReports library with JRViewer component. JasperReports is an open-source reporting library.

java – Using JasperViewer: export to pdf and Excel not working – Stack Overflow

JRViewer is a component used in Swing-based applications to view the reports generated by JasperReports. The following application loads data from a bean collection data source and creates a report from it with JasperReports library. The report is displayed in a small Swing application with the help of the JRViewer component.


There are three styles used in the template.

Styles create modularity and reduce repetition in code. There are two fields in the template.

JasperReports – using JRViewer to display report

Fields are mapped to the elements of the data source. In our case, fields are mapped to the attributes of the beans.

This static text shows a column header. A text field is an element which contains an associated expression that is evaluated with every iteration in the data source to obtain the text content to be displayed.

This text field displays country names. A text field in a detail band is evaluated for each record in the data source.

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JasperPrint represents a page-oriented document that can be viewed, printed, or exported to other formats. Xeport our case, it is going to be viewed with JRViewer.

JasperReport is a compiled template ready to be filled with data. We put seven Country beans into the data source. In this tutorial, we have created a report with JasperReports library and displayed it jqsperviewer a Swing application with JRViewer. You might also be interested in these related tutorials: