Translation for ‘cleptomanie’ in the free French-English dictionary and many other English translations. liquide forme des volutes semblables à celles de la méthamphétamine dans le nombre de personnages: le traitement de Walter, la cleptomanie de Marie. Il le sait! Il n’est plus motivé de rien! Il se perd chaque jour Il ne connaît pas le compagnon inquiet de cette tendance naissante à la cleptomanie, rentrant de .

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Every compulsion in psychic life is brought about by suppression”. Kleptomania is a disease, and you need help.


Cognitive-behavioural therapy CBT has primarily substituted the psychoanalytic and dynamic approach in the treatment of kleptomania. If this individual experiences minimal or no negative consequences punishmentthen the likelihood that clfptomanie behavior will reoccur is increased.

Sigmund Freudthe creator of controversial psychoanalytic theorybelieved that the underlying dynamics of human behaviours associated with uncivilized savages—impulses were curbed by inhibitions for social life. Eventually, individuals with kleptomania come to rely upon stealing as a way of coping with stressful situations and distressing feelings, which serve to further maintain the behavior and decrease the number of available alternative coping strategies.

Biological models explaining the origins of kleptomania have been based mostly on pharmacotherapy treatment studies that used selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors SSRIsmood stabilizers, and opioid receptor antagonists. The psychiatric diseases to be treated include the impulse control disorders such as trichotillomania, pathological gambling, pyromania, kleptomaniaand intermittent explosive disorder. The occurrence of stealing as a behavior in conjunction with eating disorders, particularly bulimia nervosais frequently taken as a sign of the harshness of the eating disorder.

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Ferber just put an end to that. The mood disorder could come first or co-occur with the beginning of kleptomania. Several explanations of the mechanics of kleptomania have been presented. He did not believe human behaviour to be rational.

Psychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences. A likely connection between depression and kleptomania was reported as early as Based on the idea that kleptomania and substance use disorders may share some etiological features, it could be concluded that kleptomania would react optimistically to the same treatments.

The many types of other disorders frequently occurring along with kleptomania usually make clinical diagnosis uncertain.

Some studies using SSRIs have observed that opioid antagonists appear to reduce the urge to steal and mute the “rush” typically experienced immediately after stealing by some subjects suffering from kleptomania. Furthermore, pharmacological data e. Retrieved from cleptomaine https: In advanced cases, depression may result in self-inflicted injury and could even lead to suicide.

La cleptomanie by samyh amiri on Prezi

La cleptomanie translation French-English dictionary. American Journal of Psychiatry.

Family history data also propose a probable common genetic input to alcohol use and kleptomania. You want to reject this entry: Substance use disorders are more common in kin of persons with kleptomania than in the general population.


Inone of cleptonanie followers, Wilhelm Stekelread the case of a female kleptomaniac who was driven by suppressed sexual urges to take hold of “something forbidden, secretly”. Patients with kleptomania are typically treated with therapies dleptomanie other areas due to the comorbid grievances rather than issues directly related to kleptomania.

Fritz Wittels argued that kleptomaniacs were sexually underdeveloped people who felt deprived of love and had little experience with human sexual relationships; stealing was their sex life, giving them thrills so powerful that they did not want to be cured. Practitioner’s guide to evidence-based psychotherapy. Many pyromaniacs begin fires alongside petty stealing which often appears similar to kleptomania. Prevalence rates between the two disorders do not demonstrate a strong relationship.

These ideas are new in recent history but echo those current cleptomnie the mid to late nineteenth century. Adult personality cldptomanie behavior.

Data from epidemiological studies additionally propose that there is an affiliation between kleptomania and substance use disorders along with high rates in a unidirectional manner.

The most frequently used drug is naltrexonea long-acting competitive antagonist. This quality makes them helpful in treating kleptomania and impulse control disorders in general.