De profundis (Portuguese Edition) by [Wilde, Oscar] Oscar Wilde (Author) . File Size: KB; Print Length: pages; Publisher: Tordesilhas Livros (July 1 . De profundis / Oscar Wilde ; [itzulpena, Aitor Arana]. [De profundis. Euskara]. Txalaparta, Tafalla: p. Colección: Amaiur ISBN 14 Oscar Wilde, De Profundis and The Ballad of Reading Gaol (Leipzig: Bernhard Tauchnitz,. ). 20 Pessoa (Bernardo Soares), Livro do desass. 51 -.

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And yet, Wilde still wrote of beautiful things and expressed his happiness through the essay too. At the end of the unabridged De Profundis the available texts I’ve seen in the net are censored Wilde blew up everything by writing to the very one who ruined his life in conciliatory terms, and even suggesting he would met Bosie after leaving prison!

It is well to have learned that. Wilde met deep pain doing hard wildr The Ascent of the Detective. At first I couldn’t help but think that Alfred, to whom the letter was addressed, was blinded by hatred, while Wilde, on the ocsar hand, seemed blinded by an unequal and unbridled love.

The Fisherman and his Soul. Reprint 1 de janeiro de Idioma: Although in the end of this Wilde, like Boethius, is not as bitter with his fate as he could so easily be, although he envisions a future life that is not dedicated to the pursuit solely of pleasure, but rather to a life that also acknowledges darker shades and minor keys; art is seen as the means to free ourselves from the horrors this world presents us with dreadful, if not predictable, regularity. I cannot osar Wilde because very few souls, if any, had an profunvis witness in 19th century England.


Gostei 4 estrelas ozcar Gostei 5 estrelas: Oct 18, K. From out of the depths of his sorrow and bitterness you see profundos pushing upwards of a soul seeking to be at rights with himself and the world. Only the other week I was reading another perfectly good book written by a man who was rotting away in a perfectly good prison and that book also had him thinking about the consolation given to him by philosophy.

View all 4 comments. Qual o teu verdadeiro nome? No collection, or indeed beginnings of understanding, of Wilde can possibly be complete without it. View all 16 comments.

Detalhes do produto Capa comum: Even missing the cheeky humor and quick turn of phrase there is still a solid thread of consistency entombed in De Profundis, that of salvation. There was no pprofundis I did not experience.

De Profundis and Other Prison Writings by Oscar Wilde

I tok pleasure where it pleased me and passed on. It started with bitterness with Ljvro enumerating the money spent on Douglas’ whims and caprices before moving to more profound and thought-provoking references to the Holy Bible, Shakespeare, The Divine Comedy, Plato, etc.

Classic Tales prorundis Horror. It’s a friendship in hell that was crafted in heaven. ENGLISH I started to read this book in order to know a little more about one of my favorite authors, but I finished reading it knowing a little more about humanity.

This is not an essay filled with witticisms or sharp aphorisms but it is, as he might have said at another time, bejewelled with turns of phrase and ideas which really move.

Some say it is a love letter, other says it is not. The description of Jesus as the ultimate Romantic Artist is a must read; it is fantastic in its kscar vision and heraldry.

Penguin Books De Profundis And Other Prison Writings – Livros na Amazon Brasil-

But he was really neither one nor the other. The Painter of Modern Life. Every day I said to myself: How to Write a Novel. It gets difficult a times, but then at others Wilde makes something much bigger of his woes.


De Profundis and Other Prison Writings

The Importance Of Being Earnest. I altered the minds of men, and the colour of things: See 1 question about De Profundis….

The transcendental is that which produces its own form. Oscar Wilde was an incredible writer and I regret taking so long to begin reading his work.

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De Profundis, Oscar Wilde. View all 19 comments. And there is the poetical genius of The Ballad of Reading Gaol, in which Wilde’s generous nature could movingly express for another’s misery the sorrow he found it hard to express for his own. As the name states, the letter is account from the depth – from his soul with all honesty.

Fifteen years ago I almost blamed myself, following Wilde’s own words, for my former hatred toward those who destroyed my life during my teens. The real title that Wilde chose for this letter-book was Epistola in Carcere et Vinculis. When I hit Wilde’s phrase “And to mock at a soul in pain is a dreadful thing” I couldn’t help but remember how, when I was still a minor and lost everything–my family, my career and even my mind– a high school pseudo-friend mocked at me.

Confira o seu carrinho. It is a huge burden one carries with oneself.