The Lorwyn Cycle consists of two books: Lorwyn and Morningtide. However the the story does not conclude with Morningtide, instead it. The Magic: The Gathering: Lorwyn Cycle book series by SeriesAuthor & Author includes books Lorwyn. How many lorwyn books are there, and are they worth reading? I read one of the time spiral books and it was ok, and i thought that i might give.

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Rollback Post to Revision RollBack. Daniel rated it really liked it Sep 24, The story line from Lorwyn to be carried on when Eventide gets released. Gideon rated it it was ok Jul 02, May 08, Christy rated it really liked it Shelves: My wife made me read it.

Lorwyn (novel)

So when an elf warrior’s horns are shattered and lorwy flawless features lost, he knows it is a death sentence. The plot isn’t the greatest either so far. The Gathering novels, you see his name around. Having read many but not nearly all, in fact probably less than half of Magic: I have never heard the story of lorwyn so this book kept me interested on the fact that I didn’t know what was going to happen next.


The lodwyn all have different ways of speaking which is good even though it could have been a little more enhanced.

Nov 22, Josh Liller rated it liked it Shelves: Oct 13, Chris Battell rated it really liked it Shelves: It’s been many, many years since i’ve read it, but I recall it was quite good. It is survival of the fittest–and none but the loryn beautiful and deadly are allowed to survive.

Probably also because I had an idea lprwyn what I think should happen. Magic Market Index for Dec 28th, Nick Fair rated it it was ok May 04, What he can’t remember is how it happened or why he should allow hims Welcome to the new world of Magic: I liked the way the story plays with knowledge, oracles and its protagonists.

It was fun that I could relate to the cards even though it has nothing to do with it.

Lorwyn Cycle

If you want a quick adventure into a pastoral world told with little detail into the characters or their respective cultures save the stinking elvesthen you’ll like this. This site works best with JavaScript enabled. A very enjoyable read. As for the setting, eh, not really my first choice, but I figured Lorwym give it a shot since I admired both writers.


Feb 22, Aaron rated it it was ok Shelves: Mass Market Paperbackpages. Lorwhn for one enjoy the books. Aug 09, Robert rated it liked it. Speaking of cheap, why is the third Ice age cycle book so frigging expensive and hard to find? Lorwyn Cycle 2 books.


Arena is one of my favorites as well. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

I don’t know, I guess ’cause it was so good. Perfect for me, during schooltime when I’m too busy with loorwyn to read serious non-fiction books. Apr 07, Richard rated it it was ok Shelves: